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    Zebedee (The Magic Roundabout)

    Zebedee (Original Series) Profile Image.png
    "Time for bed."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Magical Wizard
    Species: Jack-in-a-box type Wizard
    Portrayed by: Ian McKellen (2005 film)
    Wayne Forester (2007 revival series)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Magic Roundabout

    Zebedee (Zébulon in French) is one of the main characters from The Magic Roundabout. He is a good-hearted wizard and the magical ruler of the Enchanted Gardens.

    Why He's Zebedee

    1. He is the only character who can do magic and in the original series' premiere, he helped Mr. Rusty power up the Magic Roundabout in order to attract the children.
    2. His epic battle between him and his arch-nemesis Zeebad is awesome in the 2005 film. They can even fire their magical powers at each other with their mustaches. Although he may have lost the battle, Zebedee was still brave enough to take on Zeebad.
    3. His design as a jack-in-a-box type wizard is great and simple. Even when it is modified for the 2005 CGI film and the 2007 revival series.
    4. He is summoned by Florence and the characters involved to help them solve their problems.
    5. His iconic catchphrase at the end of the episodes in the English-language version of the original series "Time for Bed". "Time to party!" is a nice mix on the quote for the survival series.
    6. He is one of the people who forgave Buxton at the end of "Dougal and the Blue Cat" for imprisoning him in the dungeons and taking his magic mustache so that he can't escape.
    7. He isn't afraid to defend his friends from Zeebad when they are cornered by him at the cliff of his ice fortress and even tries to convince Solider Sam to think otherwise of his actions when he is working for Zeebad.
    8. Like Florence in the infamous American version of the 2005 film, he wasn't flanderized and retains his personality with his dialogue being left unchanged.
    9. Although he does play tricks on others in the revival series, Zebedee rightfully plays tricks on Dougal in order to teach him a lesson of his actions.
    10. Ian McKellen does an impressive and spectacular job on voicing him in the 2005 film. Wayne Forester's voice performance of the character in the 2007 revival series was pretty decent.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. He is sometimes portrayed as a trickster in the revival series where he causes mischief for Dougal and his friends, which can be quite annoying and repetitive at times.


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