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    Zander Wickham (The Music Freaks)

    Alexzander Wickham
    "I'm on the scene and I'm inside your bed."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Mistrusting Yet Loyal and Caring Brother
    Age: 16-19
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Robert Cossyleon
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Music Freaks

    Alexzander Wickham, also known as Zander, is the tritagonist in The Music Freaks. He is a junior in high school and is the main pianist of the Music Club.

    Why He's Amazing

    1. He's an unforgettable and likable character, as well as one of the funniest characters in the show.
    2. His relationship with Luke is elegant and there are lots of cute moments
    3. His biological father left him and his mom when he was young, is very remorseful and touching
    4. He's a great and caring brother, as when he comforts Hailey when she was scared to go out on stage and comforts Hailey when Jake said something hurtful about her.
    5. Even though he sees himself as cold, mistrusting, stubborn, uptight, dismissive, and jealous, he is actually loyal, humorous, caring, shy, mature, and smart.
    6. His voice actor Robert Cossyleon did an amazing job voicing him.
    7. He has a great singing voice.
    8. He is always there for his sister Hailey
    9. His funniest/amazing quotes such as:
      • I'm on the scene and I'm inside your bed
      • Oi, if you don't get ready, the British Psycho Monster will make noises under your bed tonight.
      • You're an independent pain in the ass is what you are.
      • Milly, stop trying to make "squad fam" happen, it's not going to happen.
      • Hey! Why does everyone think they can drag me about like a rag doll?
      • So then suddenly, this huge debate erupts about whether I'm gay or European! You should have seen the look on there face when they found out I was both!

    The Only 2 Bad Qualities

    1. As mentioned in WHA #5, he is cold, mistrusting, stubborn, uptight, dismissive, and jealous.
    2. In part one of episode 10, he was being too harsh towards Jake when he was trying to explain that he didn't mean it.


    • Zander's birthday is October 29, making his zodiac sign Scorpio.
    • His favorite food is grapes, and his favorite color is purple.
    • After episode 5, he and Luke are dating
    • He hates camping and is scared of spiders.
    • He is British.


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