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    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: TBA

    Yusuke Kitagawa
    I have my friends by my side in this world—I don't need another world forced upon me!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Unforeseen Boy
    Age: 16-17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese)
    Matthew Mercer (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Persona 5

    Yusuke Kitagawa is a playable character in Persona 5. He is an art student from Kosei High School who was raised by Madarame as a foster parent since his mom died when he was only three (even he does not remember his own mother very well). Growing up, he was tutored in art by Madarame with his masterpiece "Sayuri" being one of his greatest inspirations for his artistic career. In reality, Madarame only raised Yusuke for the sole purpose of exhibiting his artwork using his name, and he would often give him meager rations during his tutelage. Many pupils in Madarame's shack died due to direct or indirect abuse or loss due to losing interest in art. This makes Yusuke the last pupil living in his atelier.

    Why He’s Cultured

    1. Being interested in art, he searches for the aesthetic everywhere in his surroundings from people to places. This makes him have an opportunity to broaden his horizons as a sign of how it would help him greatly as an artist. The painting of "Sayuri" is an example of this as he wants to capture the beauty the picture portrays.
    2. He admits that his mind operates differently compared to most of the population in people. Even going as being so aware of him being eccentric. With all that said, don't you dare try to mock him for having this characteristic.
    3. Despite the eccentricities he has, Yusuke is level-headed and by far the most mature of the thieves. This makes him very polite when dealing with others like Ryuji who is vulgar, Morgana who is condescending, or Akechi who is passive-aggressive.
      • But that didn't stop him from expressing how betrayed and angry he is when Madarame's shadow exposes himself.
    4. He believes that there is no use in panicking or getting nervous as it does nothing to help the situation at hand.
    5. When there is a subject he admires, he would be more truthful with his aesthetic standpoint. He was really respectful towards Ann when he wanted to paint her.
    6. He's sharp with those who make mistakes. When the Thieves were framed for murder, Yusuke said that they shouldn't have rushed into things as he has a point.
    7. He does his best at being a gentleman and can be considered to be one of the kinder members of the Thieves. From showing consideration towards Futaba Sakura's slow growth to feeling worried about Naoya Makigami's behavior.
    8. The fact that his sincerity plays a huge role in him can show that Yusuke has the ability to point out what he truly thinks even if the reactions towards the others may be. This makes him an honest party member.
    9. He claims to have donated blood to even going to call it a "hobby". That's a nice thing. Right?
    10. He has a running gag where he spends all his money on things that capture his attention without any foresight like art books or lobsters at the beach.
    11. Even though he is naive to social situations, he's highly intelligent and his wisdom plays a role during the heists and the meetings he and the rest of the Thieves go through.
    12. Yusuke is a character that can be sympathized with. He has an internal struggle that comes from his mentor's nature (even facing how Yusuke was treated) and even has a mom that died during his youth. You know a bad mentor when you meet one.
    13. He has a good reason as to why he wants to paint the way he wants. He would rather do so for the sake of capturing the human heart. Now, this is where standards show up as he hates how painting can become used as a tactic to gain money, shelter, and recognition. For example, he entered the Japanese Art Support Foundation only to prove the true meaning of art.
    14. His confidant has Yusuke face his struggle to continue painting. He at one point attempted to submit his art for an art exhibition thinking that it would be praised. However, it didn't end so well yet the protagonist convinces him to try again and regain his creative spirit. He later then made another piece that won somehow and says that he would not fall on the same dark path as Madarame did.

    Uncreative Qualities

    1. Sometimes his sincerity can make him appear to be pushy which makes him stubborn and headstrong.
    2. Usually displays somewhat cold and haughty behavior towards people who are behaving in what he deems as an unseemly manner, or in ways that are against his personal aesthetic like his initial encounters with Ryuji and Ren.
    3. Is unaccustomed to many of society's norms mainly because he was sheltered for most of his life.
    4. Every time he cooks, he gets so creative to the point of making some bizarre meals.
    5. He can cause trouble for other team members like remodeling Futaba's Phoenix Ranger Featherman R figures without her permission.
    6. He at one point denied any of the rumors surrounding Madarame albeit he finds out that the rumors are true and even learned about Madarame letting Yusuke die for the sake of getting profit off of a painting of Sayuri.
    7. He often glitches when using the Harisen Recovery skill.
    8. He can get carsick when the Thieves drive around in Mementos.


    • Yusuke's name and the design of his Persona Goemon are references to Utamaro Kitagawa who is one of the most highly regarded practitioners of the ukiyo-e genre of woodblock prints.
    • Yusuke is the designer of the official Phantom Thieves logo and the creator of most Calling Cards.
    • Futaba often refers to Yusuke as "Inari." Although the name itself comes from Oinari, the Japanese god of foxes, Futaba herself cites inarizushi, a fried sushi dish that foxes had a fondness for according to Japanese folklore, as the origin of the nickname.
    • Being an artist in-game, Yusuke's Confidant ability to "paint" a Skill Card on a Blank Card is reminiscent of the Tarot Card replication service in Persona 2 provided by Demon Painter, who is Kazuma Kaneko's in-game cameo. There is also the Skill Card replication service in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment but that requires sacrificing one for registration to make that card purchasable infinitely for a relatively high price depending on the rank of each card.
    • He's 5'11 which makes him the tallest member.
    • When Yusuke fiddled with Futaba's Phoenix Rangers Neo Featherman figures, the poses of the figures are reminiscent of the Ginyu Force from the Dragon Ball series.
    • Just like with Makoto Niijima, Goro Akechi, Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki, and Haru Okumura before, the official Twitter account for the Persona series posted a "birthday reveal the message" for Yusuke on January 23, 2018, five days before his actual birthday to promote an event to celebrate it on the actual day, January 28.
    • He and the Fire Emblem character Chrom share many similarities with each other. Share the same English and Japanese voice actor, both have blue hair. Not to mention that Yusuke is of Emperor Arcana while Chrom will become king of Ylisse


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