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    Yui Hirasawa
    To the me back then, you don't need to worry. You'll soon find something you can do, something you can set your heart on.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Lead Guitarist
    Lead Vocalist
    Age: 15-18
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Aki Toyosaki (Japanese)
    Stephanie Sheh (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: K-On

    Yui Hirasawa is one of the five main characters of K-ON!. She's also the viewpoint character and main protagonist overall. Having misunderstood that "light music" equals "easy music", she joined the Light Music Club and picked up guitar with absolutely no prior experience. She is the air-headed lead guitarist and vocalist of the band After School Tea Time.

    She is voiced by Aki Toyosaki in the Japanese version and by Stephanie Sheh in the English version.

    Why She is Kind and Friendly

    1. Yui is a kind and friendly girl, but also clumsy and easily spaces out most of the time; as a result, she can be forgetful and is sometimes oblivious to the situation around her.
    2. Yui loves everything sweet, so she's energized by the sweets that Tsumugi brings and her physical constitution is such that she does not gain weight no matter how much she eats.
    3. Yui is often the one who holds the entire band together when things get rough thanks to her natural kindness and charisma.
    4. Always looking for fun, Yui is fearless; anxiety and stage fright are unknown to her. She likes everything cute and makes a lot of physical contact with others like holding hands or hugging.
    5. She gets along with her bandmates and friends, Ritsu, Mio, Tsumugi, Azusa and Nodoka as she cherishes her friendship with them.
    6. She has a younger sister named Ui, who is very mature and acts as the "older sister" of Yui, taking care of her while their parents are away on business trips.
      • She and Ui look incredibly similar to the point that they could pass as twins, even though they're actually a year apart in age. The main physical difference is that Yui always wears her hair down while Ui has hers up in a ponytail.
      • She even wrote a song about Ui when looking after her when she was sick.
    7. As a musician, Yui has absolute pitch, she can tune her guitar perfectly without a tuner, which greatly impresses Azusa, who has played the guitar much longer than Yui.
    8. She's a very great singer, shown when singing "Fuwa Fuwa Time" and "U&I".
      • Her sub voice actress, Aki Toyosaki, also sang the theme songs from both seasons, "Cagayake! GIRLS", "GO! GO! MANIAC" and "Utauyo!! MIRACLE".
    9. During performances, Yui plays with amazing energy and joy which usually results in great response from the audience.
    10. She has a habit of naming and talking to inanimate objects as if they were people, a trend that gradually spreads to her bandmates and their instruments. She is especially fond of her guitar, which she calls "Giita".
      • Yui later names Mio's bass "Elizabeth" without permission, which annoys Mio (at first). She also inspires Azusa to name her own guitar "Muttan", which sounds like Mustang, the name of her guitar.
    11. She has a very easy-going nature, but has incredible focus and retention when she has a clear goal in sight; unfortunately, this is limited to only one subject at a time, and her other skills deteriorate quickly.
    12. Most of the time Yui is an airhead who suffers from frequent bouts of laziness, but she can learn things pretty quickly once she puts her mind to it.
    13. Her character design is adorably cute as it matches her personality overall.
    14. Her voice actresses give amazing performances as Yui, notably Stephanie Sheh.

    Bad Qualities

    1. As mentioned in GQ#11, whenever she learns something new, she tends to forget everything else such as learning math and guitar chords at the same time.
    2. She is rather lazy, as her grades, with the exception of arts, are always on the verge of failing; sometimes she is the only person in her class who needs to retake a test.


    • The name Yui means "solely, only" (唯).
    • Yui's surname Hirasawa means "flat" (平) (hira) and "marsh" (沢) (sawa).
    • Yui appears to be ticklish under her arms and on her feet.
    • Yui can't resist cute dogs. Every time she sees one, she holds its head and calls it cute. Her favorite breed is pugs.
    • Yui had to learn to sing and play the guitar simultaneously. She was trained by Sawako to do this, losing her voice in the process, ultimately forcing Mio to sing the lead part at the club's first school fair.
    • The Light Music Club is the first school club Yui has joined in her life.


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