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    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

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    Yu Narukami (Persona 4)
    People can do it. As long as they can open their eyes and look around, they'll see it. They'll see the truth!
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16-17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Daisuke Namikawa (JP)
    Johnny Yong Bosch (EN)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Persona 4

    Yu Narukami is the main character of Persona 4. He is a high school student who moves to the countryside of Inaba to live with his uncle Ryotaro Dojima and cousin Nanako Dojima for a year as a result of his parents working abroad and attends Yasogami High School. The students in his school are shocked about his transferring. Shortly after arriving to Inaba, Yu starts investigating a murder case alongside his school mates and explores an alternate dimension where he obtains a power known as "Persona" to confront the "Shadows", the creatures who murdered the first victims.

    Why He Rocks

    1. It may be true that Yu is a silent protagonist, but he does have a portrayal that is mostly decisive and calm person.
    2. He’s an decent cook meaning that he can make omelets that taste excellent compared to the Mystery Food X that the girls made during the celebration for Mitsuo's arrest.
    3. Outside of the original Persona 4 game, he does show some personality as well.
      • In the manga adaptation (keep in mind that he goes by the name of Souji Seta in the manga instead of Yu Narukami), Souji appears to be legit realistic because he has a pessimistic outlook on life due to his parents and having to move frequently as a result of said parents' demanding careers, but will warm up as he explores friendship. Despite this, he's demonstrates a high level of maturity.
      • In the anime adaptation, Yu is depicted as a quiet, polite, and calm individual. At first, he was emotionless and cold at time, but he gets to value the bonds of friendship between the Investigation Team and has high concern for his friends, going to great lengths to help others. Extending to the second anime adaptation, he friends, reserved, determined, straightforward, and has a habit of shaking people's hands when he meets new people.
      • In the Persona 4 Arena duology, Yu is shown to be a sarcastic and witty person who can occasionally make jokes, yet he's the most mature member, possesses a sharp mind, and deeply cares for his friends.
    4. His most common trait in all depictions is his need to be connected to people. He sees himself as a weakling and wants to gain strength from his bonds and being accepted by others. This really does sound real.
    5. In the game's endings, Yu actually leaves Inaba in order to go to his hometown which is very real since players can learn that friends may go, but will forever stay in your heart. This is really prominent in the true ending of Persona 4 when Yu has a heartfelt farewell to his friends and pulls out a group picture of his team from the year that he has spent in Inaba. Look at this.
    6. The catch phrase, "calm down" appears more often than any other dialogue option which is meme worthy. Same can be said about this. And let's not forget the part where he has the option of eating anything found in the fridge.
      • Another thing is that while he's silent, his dialogue choices portray him seem neutral yet contain limited sense of humor along with occasional flirtatious or silly behavior.
    7. His backstory is relatable to those who had to move out before because he has to go to Inaba thanks to his parents working abroad.
    8. Rescued Kanji Tatsumi, Rise Kujikwa, and Naoto Shirogane which lead to the three join the Investigation Team. Nuff said. He also saved Nanako (but her health deteriorates critically after her exposure to the Midnight Channel).
    9. Has some fair detective skills second to Naoto. He contributed in solving the mystery in Inaba and met the true culprit of the murders.
    10. As you can tell, he's has good leadership skills since he's the main lead character for the Investigation Team.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Like Ren/Joker from Persona 5 and Makoto Yūki from Persona 3. He doesn't speak very often. Though not really a bad thing.
    2. As noted in Persona Q (which is a combinations of his adaptations), he's a little random at times.


    • He, Ren, Akechi, Makoto/Kotone, Aigis, Sho Minazuki, and Elizabeth are the only characters in Persona that have received a wild card so far.
    • He was initially nicknamed "Banchō" (番長, Banchō) by Japanese fans for being the protagonist and his Persona Izanagi's leather long coat which is reminiscent of the stereotypical banchō. The title was eventually picked up by Atlus Japan for the mock title of Yu in Persona 4 Arena, though Atlus NA localizes "Banchō" as "Kingpin."
    • He has a low tolerance for bad riddles. He also does not like a certain story about a high school girl involved with vampires.
    • The calendar in his room in the Dojima Residence features both the logo of Persona 3 as well as promotional art of the game featuring the protagonist of Persona 3 and Thanatos. In Persona 4 Arena, his updated calendar features an image of Catherine from Catherine instead.
    • He may also have knowledge of English (in the Japanese version) or Spanish (in the English version) when certain optional conversation choices are used during the conversation with a woman in Okina City appearing in Persona 4 Golden. He may also have basic knowledge of French, as there is a magazine in his room with the title Prêt-À-Porter. He may also (rarely) have French phrases in conversation choices.
    • Unlike the rest of the Investigation Team, he uses his hands to break the card in order to summon his Persona, whereas the others use their respective weapons to do so.
    • In Persona 4 the Animation, Yu is the only party member who doesn't deny his Shadow's accusations, possibly because he has already learned from all his other friends' struggles and that his shadow was the last to appear.
    • In the anime, it is shown multiple times that Yu passes time by making paper cranes.
    • Yu is the second tallest Persona protagonist in the series at 180cm, the tallest being Tatsuya Suou (who is only taller by one centimeter).
    • When put in serious situations (such as the time in Persona 4 The Animation when he was catching a fish) he puts on glasses.
    • It is possible he may be very fond of cats as shown in the game where he is given three quests (given by himself) to feed a stray cat that wanders the river bank. In front of Dojima's house there's also a stray cat and after certain conditions are met more cats will appear in front of Dojima's house ranging from 7 to 10 cats.


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