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    Wufflebump, Yumble, Wingston, Meepa & Icklewoo (School of Roars)

    Wufflebump, Yumble, Wingston, Meepa & Icklewoo
    "Good Roaring, Miss Grizzlesniff! RAAWH!"
    Gender: Wufflebump, Yumble and Winston (Male)

    Meepa and Icklewoo (Female)

    Type: Kind, Funny Monsters who are the best of friends
    Age: Around 5 or 6
    Species: Monster
    Portrayed by: Che Grand (Wufflebump)

    Max Pattison (Yumble) Ben Guiver (Wingston) Ellie Gee (Meepa) Rosie Cooper-Kelly (Icklewoo)

    Media of origin: School of Roars

    Wufflebump, Yumble, Wingston, Meepa & Icklewoo are five students who study at the School of Roars when the night comes up. They're also the main protagonists of the CBeebies series, School of Roars, always getting into different adventures that are mostly set at the school, and are all best of friends.

    Why They Can Really ROOAAR!!


    1. Their designs are very cute.
    2. They're all best of friends, and try their best to make sure everyone is happy.
    3. Each monster believes in being their selves, which is very charming in the show.
    4. Their parents are also likeable, teaching the little monsters the right things.
    5. They provide lots of relatable moments to the younger children watching, and each have great episodes starring them.
    6. Their voice actors do a good job playing them.
    7. They all teach some good morals.


    1. He's the usually clumsy, yet well-meaning monster.
    2. He wants to make sure everyone is included in the monsters' games, such as in episodes like "Buddy Bench."
    3. Wufflebump actually learns from his mistakes, unlike some characters like CGI Norman Price.


    1. His obsession with different food is quite funny to watch.
    2. He assures Wufflebump in "Best Friends" that even if he's playing with others that he and Yumble will be best of friends.
    3. His growing confidence throughout the series is very nice to see.
    4. In some episodes, he's very likeable and sympathetic.
    5. His positive outlook on life spreads to others usually.


    1. His character is unique, being the competitive sporty type of kid.
    2. Like Sky (in the first 8 episodes, anyway) he's a good sportsman too.
    3. Sometimes, he's also a sensible voice of reason character in sticky situations for his friends.
    4. Wingston's fascination with the world around him makes him feel like a much better version than Caillou.
    5. His episode, "Winstons Mummy" was very well-done and maturely-handled.


    1. She is very bossy, but still very likeable and funny in that manner.
    2. Her confident character lets her blend in with the main cast very nicely, and they have some great chemistry together.


    1. She's probably the best character, being the 2010s equivalent of Lofty.
    2. Her voice is very cute.
    3. Icklewoo's shy persona means she can probably relate the most to the targeted age demographic.
    4. Even if she is normally she, Icklewoo isn't afraid to try new things.

    Bad Qualities

    Overall Only Bad Quality

    1. They are easily forgetful, but this can be excused because they are only young.


    1. He was very unlikeable in 'Squeeing In', stealing Yumble's spot in line and leaving him with all the worst pieces for a go-kart race, and eventually getting him in trouble.
    2. He does get more screentime that most other characters, which may annoy some.


    1. His eating jokes can get old fast, but they're mostly funny.
    2. He's treated as a butt-monkey sometimes, but still a funny one. Also, this can be brushed off easily because it doesn't happen much.


    1. He sometimes doesn't listen.
    2. Also, he's overtalkative but these are all minor bad qualities.


    1. Her bossy attitude might turn off some viewer's heads.


    1. Her shy persona, while amazing, might be annoying to some.


    • This show never aired on any blocks as all of the blocks ended on the same year School of Roars premiered.
    • It is notable for being the second-to-last new show to premiere on the original Sprout channel.
    • When the show left, it was moved to VOD and the Universal Kids app.
    • School Of Roars was one of the shows that was pulled a year after joining PBS Sprout. Others were Sid the Science Kid, 64 Zoo Lane, Fly Tales, Dennis and Gnasher, Sheeep, Three Friends and Jerry, and Captain Zed and the Zee Zone.
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