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    Wreck-It Ralph
    I'm gonna wreck it!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Not So Bad Bad Guy
    Age: Unknown, but is an adult
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: John C. Reilly
    Brian T. Delaney (video games, commercials, and the Disney theme parks)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Wreck-It Ralph

    Wreck-It Ralph, or simply Ralph, is the titular main protagonist of Disney's 52nd full-length animated feature film of the same name and the franchise of the same name.

    He is voiced by John C. Reilly.

    Why He's Gonna Wreck It

    1. While it's true that he seems like a bad guy at first, he's actually friendly. The reason why he gets angry easily is because the inhabitants of Niceland forced him to live in the town's dump. Due to this, he eventually started to find it difficult to enjoy his role as a villain.
    2. John C. Reilly does an amazing job voicing him.
      • Brian T. Delaney does an amazing job voicing him in the Disney video games, commercials, and the Disney theme parks, sounding similar to John C. Reilly.
    3. Throughout the film, he learns that having medals and an abundance of praise isn't what makes a good guy, but showing love and care for others does.
    4. He's shown to be protective. For example, he protected Vanellope from various antagonists in the film and will bring physical harm to those who discriminate against her.
    5. He cares for other characters that he meats, such as when he noticed that Q*Bert and his colleagues were homeless, so he gave them one of the cherries that he had stolen from Pac-Man.
    6. Even if he doesn't really appear to be an intellectual, he can be smart by having the ability to concoct plans and effective courses of action on the spot.
    7. He found a way to relieve the stress that he has been getting in the past 30 years by going to the Bad-Anon support group. He also learned about the motto "one game at a time".
    8. Many of his quotes are pretty funny, like "They invited Pac-Man? That cherry-chasing dot-muncher isn't even part of this game!".
    9. He has a good point that Gene can be mean and biased at times since both characters argued in the first film.
    10. He is shown to overcome many obstacles without quitting, like when he was able to get a medal in Hero's Duty.
    11. He is still capable of making others happy, like when he made a kart for Vanellope.
    12. He sometimes knows what's best for others, like when he creates a race track inside Diet Cola Mountain just so he can help Vanellope win the race.
    13. If he were to do something wrong, like break Vanellope's car due to King Candy's advice, he will make up for whatever he did wrong. In this case, he asked Fix-It Felix to fix Vanellope's car.
    14. He regretted what he had done wrong when he eventually got the medal. This is present when he finds out that Fix-It Felix Jr. is getting unplugged due to his absence.
    15. He knew that King Candy is suspicious towards both him and Vanellope, and eventually learned that King Candy isn't as sweet as you would think. He even went out to look for Vanellope.
    16. He learned that he should accept his role as a video game villain, meaning that he's willing to improve.

    Bad Qualities

    1. At the start of the first film, he was a fairly selfish character as he was willing to break the arcade bylaws by game-jumping just to get a medal.
    2. He was initially arrogant, as he was blinded by his own self-interest, and he had little regret in causing damage during his pursuit for a medal.
    3. He spent years believing that making friends and garnering appreciation for work are "good-guy exclusive" luxuries.
    4. He can be naïve at times, such as when he accidentally stepped on a cy-bug egg when he got his medal in Hero's Duty.
    5. He has an admittedly explosive temper.
    6. He was horribly flanderized in Ralph Breaks the Internet, as he lost almost all of his personality from the first film and was turned into a complete idiot with almost no intelligence whatsoever. Thankfully, though, he redeemed himself near the end of the film and has shown to be back in his old personality in Once Upon a Studio.


    • Ralph was originally going to have an "I Want" song. During its time in production, a running gag involved Ralph never being able to finish the song, as whenever he began to sing, a character or event would interrupt.
    • Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen writer Jennifer Lee once made a tweet jokingly suggesting that Elsa and Wreck-It Ralph would make a good couple during the 2013 D23 Expo. As a nod to that, in Disney INFINITY, if Ralph and Elsa are introduced to one another, Ralph will tell Elsa that she is "really pretty", and Elsa will reply "And you have a warm heart." Though in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ralph and Elsa don't have a romantic relationship.
    • In 2018, Ralph made a surprise appearance in the video game Fortnite coinciding with the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet and has Ralph's own dance (Hot Marat) added into the game due to the Fortnite scenes in the respective movie (for example, Ralph doing the floss and Hot Marat).
    • Ralph was inspired by Donkey Kong, the villain of the 1981 arcade game of the same name.
    • In the earliest versions of the story, Ralph was a supporting character, with Fix-It Felix Jr. serving as the protagonist.
    • Ralph went through an evolution of designs and was not always an oversized human with abnormally large fists and feet. Instead, Ralph wasn't a human at all: he was a beast, with designs ranging from a red furry monster (very similar to the overall character theme of Sully from Monsters, Inc.), to an abominable snowman-like creature, among others. Ralph, even at some points, resembled a character in the style of 1930s cartoon bad guys, such as Pete from the Mickey Mouse shorts. In order to have the audience develop a more relatable relationship with the character, Ralph's design became that of a humanoid figure, albeit matching the exaggerated style of a 1980s 8-bit video game.


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