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    Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman Comic Book Version .png

    Wonder Woman DC Extended Universe .png

    Gender: Female
    Type: Strong-willed Badass
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Lynda Carter (TV Series)
    Adrianne Palicki (2011 pilot)
    Gal Gadot (DC extended universe)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Wonder Woman franchise

    Princess Diana of Themyscira, (aka Wonder Woman) is the tritagonist in the DC Comics franchise. She is a founding member of the Justice League. As her character grew, she became a more recognizable DC superhero and started getting her own movies, comic books, and TV shows, where she was portrayed by many actresses.

    Why She's Wonderful

    1. She is a tough, brave, strong, and independent woman who knows how to deal with tough conflicts that come across her.
    2. She carries around a shield, a sword, and a lasso that forces those that it wraps around, to tell the truth.
    3. She has become not only one of the most popular DC heroes but one of the most popular DC characters in general.
    4. She's also one of the most popular superheroines in general.
    5. Most of her actresses portrayed her perfectly (excluding Adrianne Palicki), two of the best-known Wonder Woman actresses are Lynda Carter and the most recent one, Gal Gadot.
      • All of her other voice actors did an amazing job voicing her as well.
    6. Her design as Wonder Woman is amazing and unforgettable.
    7. Her invisible jet looking very cool.
    8. Her fighting skills are on-point.
    9. The way she transforms into her Wonder Woman clothes (as shown in the old TV series) is nothing short of awesome.
    10. She has a highly astounding and incredible heroic nature.
    11. Her wonderful theme song.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. She was horribly flanderized in her infamous 2011 pilot where she acts like a cold-hearted, cruel, selfish, and sadistic character who kills innocent people.


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