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    Wendy (Bob the Builder)



    "It's an urgent job!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Benefactor
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kate Harbour (UK, original)
    Lorelei King (US, original)
    Joanne Froggat (UK & US, 2015 reboot)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bob the Builder

    Wendy is the deuteragonist of the British kids show Bob the Builder, she is Bob's partner and love interest who runs the office and keeps business in order.

    In the original show, she is voiced by Kate Harbour in the UK version and Lorelei King in the US version. In the 2015 reboot, she is voiced by Joanne Froggat in both English dubs.

    Why She Can Fix It

    1. One the surface, Wendy seems like a character that only exists just for Bob to have a partner and love interest, but this is not the case at all, as she can pretty much do everything that Bob can, but she can do it in her own ways rather than do the exact same that Bob does, giving her a bit of quirkiness to her.
    2. Much like Bob, she is a very friendly person to the people around her.
      • She has a cute romantic relationship with Bob.
      • Her relationship with the machines are great too, as she acts like a mother figure to them.
    3. Most of her voice actors do excellent jobs with their roles for the characters, especially Kate Harbour in the UK version.
    4. In many episodes, she is mostly proven to be just as useful as Bob himself, it's even to the point where Wendy can do some things that Bob cannot do, like when it's revealed in "Wallpaper Wendy" that she is good at decorating wallpapers, which is something that Bob struggled with.
    5. Her stop-motion model is well-animated and her character design is very pretty.
    6. She is a mother figure to the machines and is always there to help them whenever they do need some.
    7. She, along with Bob, Scoop, Spud and Pilchard contributed to the The Official BBC Children In Need program in the The Official BBC Children in Need Medley in 2009.
    8. Despite Pilchard being Bob's pet, she cares very deeply for Pilchard and she always tries to make sure that she is okay while Bob is doing his construction work.
    9. With the exception of her terrible redesign and the fact she is now an electrician and not a office secretary (or even a builder like Bob) anymore, she wasn't flanderized at all in the 2015 reboot and she still remains as a likable character.
    10. Much like Bob, she's a very good role model to children.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She can be somewhat of a Mary Sue, as nothing bad really seems to her.
    2. Even thought she is still a likable character in the 2015 reboot, she had a few unnecessary changes in it:
      • One notable change from her original counterpart in the reboot is that she is now an electrician, which doesn't make any sense as she wasn't one in the original series, nor was there any signs in the original show that even remotely knew anything about electricity.
      • Her character design in the reboot is also pretty bad, as it looks absolutely nothing like her original self and it fails to capture the same charm as her original design.


    • She did not wear her traditional green shirt work outfit full time until Season 3.


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