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    Walter Manetti
    Gender: Male
    Type: "nice" bully
    Species: Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Angelo Rules

    Walter Manetti is a character from the French series Angelo Rules, he is the strongest in Angelo's school. He takes the role of bully in some episodes, his favorite line is "Manetti sai". If he calls himself Manetti all the time, it's because he thinks his first name Walter is antiquated. In childhood he was already the target of a lot of bullying, which led him to become a bully.

    Why He Rocks ​

    1. Despite being a bully, he's not that obnoxious and he's generally calm, and he's also not such an exaggerated personality, unlike many other bullies portrayed in cartoons.
    2. He is seen socializing and even helping other characters throughout the series, which is quite unusual for a bully character.
    3. Just like the other characters in the show, he has a good and unique design.
    4. He has other talents besides being a bully, like playing the violin.
    5. He's easy going and generally protects characters who do something for him (like saving his life), this is shown in an episode where Angelo inadvertently saves him from being choked, and he ends up becoming Angelo's backguard and protecting him from "danger", at the end of the same episode he does the same thing with Butterfingers, who is one of his biggest targets of bullying.
    6. He rarely physically assaults anyone, and is more often seen playing pranks with a blowgun than bullying, which is more acceptable for a bully.
    7. He is quite nice to his little brother Cooper, and is never seen mistreating him, unlike what he does to other people.
    8. In one episode, Angelo and Lola turned Manetti into a nice person and he became kind and helpful, but for a short while.
    9. He has a lot of funny moments on the show, and has even spawned a few memes in the French community like his catchphrase "Manetti out" ("Manetti ist raus").

    Bad Qualities

    1. You'd expect him to be unlikable in some episodes, considering he's a bully.
    2. He stopped being so prominent in later seasons, although that might be considered a good thing for some people.



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