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    Fiery Ghost.png
    "We can just do away with Mario and his friends, can't we? Or is that bad?"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Kind Witch
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Shadow Siren
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Paper Mario

    "Vivian" is one of Mario's partners in the 2004 Paper Mario game, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, who was originally an antagonist. She is a ghostly witch who can use fire-based attacks.

    Why She's A Kind Witch

    1. Despite previously being a villain, unlike Beldam and Marilyn, Vivian is actually a kind character.
    2. She has a rather cute appearance. Even Goombella's Log and Tattle mention this.
    3. Similar to Flurrie, she seems to be fond of beauty, as when she found Flurrie's Necklace, she thought it was so gorgeous that she 'just had to have it.'
    4. Through the game, she goes through large character development, deciding to join Mario when she's had enough of Beldam's cruel treatment of her, and later on, she faces off against Beldam, finally getting to punish her!
    5. She is able to give her foes (even Mario) the Burn status condition with her Shade Fist move, which doesn't cost any Flower Points.
    6. Vivian is easily a forgivable person, as she goes back to her sisters in the game's climax, despite all the problems Beldam caused.
    7. Her Veil move can be helpful in allowing Mario and herself to avoid enemy attacks in battle, even though it also causes Mario to skip a turn.
    8. Her best move has to be Fiery Jinx, since it damages every enemy on-screen, and gives them the Burn status.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. She is infamous for being a transgender character in the Japanese version of TT-YD. This is ironic since 'Vivian' is a female name.


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