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    Eddie Brock
    We... Are Venom!
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18-19
    Species: Human (Eddie Brock)
    Klyntar/Alien Symbiote (Venom)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Amazing Spider-Man #252 (Comics) (as Alien Costume)
    The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Comics) (as Venom)
    Spider-Man 3 (Movie)

    Venom, real name Eddie Brock, is an anti-hero/villain from the Marvel media franchise. He is Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis and sometimes ally. Nowadays, the character can be seen as a hero rather than an anti-hero/villain.

    Why We Are Venom

    1. Venom has a great and iconic design that stands out, Venom's designer being Todd McFarlane who designed and created the character Spawn.
      • Over the years, Venom would go through some slight redesigns (in the games and in the cartoons) and they are interesting in their own ways.
    2. In the 2010s, Venom has received a lot of praise and has his own movie (along with a sequel) along with being the main protagonist in various comic books.
      • He even got his own song by Eminem.
    3. Compared to every villain of Spider-Man's rogue gallery, Venom is the most interesting and appealing.
    4. Venom has gotten a lot of character development throughout the years.
    5. Venom has helped Spider-Man on multiple occasions, most notable being in Lethal Protector.
    6. He even appears in the 1990s animated series, marks Venom's first appearance in a Spider-Man animated series and his portrayal there is awesome with a great design and a menacing voice by Hank Azaria.
    7. The concept behind the character is great and original.
    8. In the Spider-Man (2000) game, he was one of the most entertaining and funniest characters. He even teams up with Spidey.
      • The graphics and 3D modeling of the video game may not have aged so well, but Venom's design does look cool and some of his movements are actually kind of sick, and Daran Norris' performance was awesome.
    9. While his first movie can be hit-or-miss, the sequel Let There Be Carnage, improved a lot over the first one, and is generally regarded to be a good movie.
    10. Tom Hardy did a good job portraying him in the two Venom movies.
    11. Speaking of which, Venom's portrayal in his film series is a huge improvement compared to what we got in Spider-Man 3, and he is a very hilarious and enjoyable character who captures the epic nature of the comic book character.
    12. He provides some memorable quotes, such as:
      • WE... ARE VENOM!
        • Eyes, lungs, pancreas... So many snacks, so little time.
        • F**k this guy!
        • Surf the web! Surf the web!
    13. His design, voice, and role (though the latter has been criticized) in the game Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was badass in every way.
    14. To summarize, Venom is purely an anti-heroic badass who is just plain awesome!

    Venomous Qualities

    1. Topher Grace's portrayal as Venom in Spider-Man 3 was very disappointing. He didn’t sound or speak like Venom also. However, he did look like him a little bit. Not to mention the amount of potential he had to succeed and be a great version of the character.
    2. His voice in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is cringe-worthy. It would be way more fitting for Carnage.
    3. His 2018 movie can be hit-or-miss, like what WHR #8 says, the sequel did improve a lot over the first movie, and is regarded as a good movie.
    4. His design can be frightening to some, both in the comic book and movie versions.
    5. While he was a cool villain in the game Marvel's Spider-Man 2, he felt more like a generic doomsday villain.


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