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    Characters that allow viewers to keep watching.
    No art is fully appreciated until you indulge stories, whether be it good, or bad. Beste, while I mostly like Japanese anime (I'm not a weeb), I'm also into American, Canadian, and British films. I can consider myself as a fair man too, I enjoy and appreciate movies, shows, anime, books, video games as an art form, and look out for both positives and negatives.
    Yorha 2B- an emotionless fighting machine that turned out to be an emotional character that wanted to protect her love.
    Aigis- An exterminating robot that wants to know about why living is important as she learns about what it means to feel like a human.
    Alice Zuberg - an Artificial Intelligent who happens to be a Knight.
    Arthur Morgan - A cowboy that happens to be one of Rockstar's greatest protagonists.
    Ayaka Kamisato - A female sword fighter that is born from nobility.
    Barney Stinson - a memorable womanizer that is considered to be the show's likable comic reliefs.
    Bruno Buccialati - A respectable gang leader that is against drugs.
    Chitoge Kirisaki - a hot-headed, short-tempered but lonely student.
    Chtholly - Fairy that fought in the military.
    Dante - A half-breed devil with a heart of gold and a sense of humor.
    Ellie - an immune zombie apocalypse survivor.
    Darth Sidious - a major villain that manipulated The Chosen One into committing mass murder.
    Eugeo - A loyal best friend of the protagonist.
    Eren Yeager - A protagonist that is also the villain, but also the author of the story.
    Evil Morty - An evil iteration of the titular main protagonist.
    Futaba Sakura - An introverted girl that is a part of a band of thieves.
    Ginshi Shirazu - A comic relief of an investigator.
    Giorno Giovanna - A protagonist that happens to be the son of a wealthy but righteous man and a villainous vampire.
    Goro Akechi - A detective anti-hero/anti-villain with his own sense of justice.
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz - a funny villain with a tragic backstory.
    Hinami Fueguchi - An shy ghoul girl.
    Homura Akemi - A tragic magical girl time traveler who longs to be with her loved one.
    Hu Tao - The hyperactive funeral parlor director.
    Illya - The older half-sister of protagonist of Fate.
    Izumi Miyamura - a quiet loner with an awkward sense of humor.
    Joel Miller - a zombie apocalypse survivor coping with the loss of his only daughter.
    Joker - One of the most iconic movie villains of all time.
    Kaho Hinata - A teenage waitress who happens to play a stereotype and a gamer.
    Ken Kaneki - A character with an upside-down life whose appearance keeps changing.
    Kirito - an improved and more fleshed out version of the character.
    link=Kishou Arima Kishou Arima - A silent, but deadly villain.
    Komi Shouko - A female protagonist with a communication disorder.
    Kyouko Hori - A popular high schooler with anger issues.
    Levi Ackerman - A petty thief into a respectable, but cold-hearted and ruthless soldier.
    Luigi - The brother of one of the most iconic video game characters of all time.
    Mai Sakurajima- a mature and loyal girlfriend.
    Makoto Yūki/Kotone Shiomi - A calm mute character.
    Mashiro Shiina - a lacking intellect, but artistic person.
    Miku Nakano - a shy and reserved quintuplet.
    Natsuki - A light hearted tsundere with a dark background.
    Nezuko Kamado - a teenage girl that was forced into becoming a demon.
    Nino Nakano - a rebellious and sour but now a soft quintuplet.
    Raphtalia - A raccoon girl.
    Rem - A kind and loyal demon maid that won't hesitate to protect.
    Rikka Takanashi - a teenage girl with a wild imagination.
    Riku Dola- a vengeful and a genius survivor.
    Rin Tohsaka - a tsundere alchemist.
    Saber - an iconic character based on the real-life King Arthur.
    Sasuke Uchiha - a vengeful rival that parallels to the hyperactive protagonist.
    Satania- A dimwitted but fun loving antagonist.
    Schwi Dola - A robot wanting to learn the human heart, emotions, and love.
    Taiga Aisaka - an iconic tsundere in anime, and her characterization helped revitalize the romance genre.
    Touka Kirishima- a rash but well-meaning ghoul.
    Tsukasa Yuzaki- An immortal girl who's a loving wife.
    a villain with immense motivation.
    Yoshikage Kira- a villain with relatability.
    Zane - Another iconic duo who saved an entire Network from getting worse.
    Zero Two - A lovable dinosaur.

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