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    Yeah, I probably won't be here for that long, since I don't like this wiki and would rather not be affiliated with Reception Wikis and the Character Wikis in general. I'm only here temporarily just so that I'm gonna make a few edits here and there, and then I eventually leave this place for good.

    Note: Please don't friend me or thank me for any of my contributions. Not that I'm against you as a person, but I just don't want my notifications to be flooded with them. Besides, I hardly visit this wiki and there will eventually be a time where I leave for good, unannounced.

    My personal favorite characters

    Note: Bold = GOATED
    Character name Franchise of origin
    Furina Genshin Impact
    Ayaka Genshin Impact
    Navia Genshin Impact
    Firefly Honkai: Star Rail
    Acheron Honkai: Star Rail
    Kafka Honkai: Star Rail
    Four BFDI
    X BFDI
    Two BFDI
    Teardrop BFDI
    Saw BFDI
    Pin BFDI
    Bluey Heeler Bluey
    Bingo Heeler Bluey
    Socks Heeler Bluey
    Fan Inanimate Insanity
    Lightbulb Inanimate Insanity
    Paintbrush Inanimate Insanity
    Pim Pimling Smiling Friends
    Glep Smiling Friends
    Pomni The Amazing Digital Circus
    Susie Deltarune
    Ralsei Deltarune
    Animatic Animatic Battle
    Carbon Atom Town
    Airy hfjONE
    Knight Helmet Paper Puppets: Take 2
    Plasma Ball Paper Puppets: Take 2
    Nail Excellent Entities
    Tin Robot Dreams
    Dog Varon Robot Dreams
    Rascal Robot Dreams
    Robot Robot Dreams
    Duck Robot Dreams
    King The Owl House
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