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    Star Sapphire (DC Super Hero Girls)
    Star Sapphire.png
    "You thought you got rid of me, didn't you Hal Jordan. Well now you're MINE!!"
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kari Wahlgren
    Media of origin: w:DC Super Hero Girls


    Not So Clingy Qualities

    1. Kari Wahlgren gave a decently good performance as Star Sapphire, despite being very irritating most of the time.
    2. She has a lovely character design just like the other characters on the show.
    3. Although she's super clingy, she can be seen as a sympathetic type, since Hal Jordan broke up with her over text, not helping that he put a smiley face in it, to which Jessica considers to be the lowest thing he's ever done.
      • She even stated that she tried to get him to read Pride and Prejudice once, and he asked where the pictures were.
    4. She became one of the playable characters in the game DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power, and her gameplay was decently executed.
    5. She can be quite hilarious at times, specifically the way she says Hal Jordan's name, and her reaction to her makeup at end of #SoulSisters Part 2.
    6. She's definitely way more tolerable than Lena Luthor, depending on your view.

    Intentional Super Clingy Qualities

    1. To get the elephant out of the room, while Kari Wahlgren gave a decently good performance, and if done interestingly, her voice can be very irritating most of the time, especially when she's yelling and/or screaming, although it could possibly be done intentionally.
    2. As Hal Jordan stated in #HateTriangle, she is super clingy, as she is seen stalking Hal Jordan whenever he's around.
      • As a matter of fact, whenever Jessica Cruz is seen talking with Hal, she accuses her of taking Hal Jordan away from her, even though Jessica stated that they are not even close to being together.
    3. She was really unlikable in the episode #ScrambledEggs.


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