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    Alex Chen - LiSTC.png
    "For the first time in years, I really let myself believe."
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Erika Mori
    mxmtoon (Singing)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Life is Strange: True Colors

    Alexandra "Alex" Chen is a character from the Life Is Strange video game series published by Square Enix. Created by American developer Deck Nine, she first appears in the 2021 video game Life Is Strange: True Colors as its main protagonist. Alex has the supernatural power to see, experience, and manipulate the emotions of people around her. At the outset of the game, she moves from Portland, Oregon to the fictional Colorado town of Haven Springs to live with her brother Gabe Chen, who dies in an accident soon after her arrival. She is forced to utilize her power of empathy, the volatility of which has made her life difficult up to this point, in order to discover the truth behind her brother's tragic death and find closure for herself.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She has her relationship with Steph Gingrich and Ryan Lucan.
    2. She can either forgive or condemn Jed to reveal his secrets and turn himself in.
    3. She depending on earlier choices, they may share a hug or a kiss.


    • Alex's singing voice will be provided by singer-songwriter and Twitch streamer mxmtoon, who is a self-described Life is Strange fan.
    • The pre-order bonus outfits for True Colors indicate that Alex's favorite animals may be cats.
    • Alex can be seen wearing a Hawt Dawg Man t-shirt in the trailer.
    • Alex's guitar, that can be seen in the trailer, seems to be based on Fender and Gibson guitars. The brand inscription looks very similar to the Fender logo appears to read "Gender", which may be a mix of the two brands.
    • Unlike Max Caulfield and Daniel Diaz, Alex had discovered her powers prior to the game's events. As implied by the flashbacks in chapter 5, Alex's abilities manifested through tragic circumstances, similar to how Max and Daniel's did.
    • Alex's zodiac sign is Cancer.

    Chloe Price

    FPJAPFTW 1DFTL/sandbox/1
    Chloe Price.jpg
    "Since you're the mysterious superhero... I'll be your faithful chauffeur and companion!"
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14 (Farewell)
    16 (Before The Storm)
    19 (Life Is Strange)
    20-22 (Comic Series)
    23 (Life Is Strange 2)
    24 (Wavelengths)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ashly Burch (Life is Strange/Farewell)
    Rhianna DeVries (Life is Strange: Before the Storm/Wavelengths)
    Status: Died
    Media of origin: Life Is Strange - Episode 1: Chrysalis (2015)

    Chloe Price is a fictional character from the Life Is Strange video game series published by Square Enix. Created by French developer Dontnod Entertainment, she first appears in the 2015 video game Life Is Strange and its prequel Life Is Strange: Before the Storm as a main protagonist. She is portrayed by actresses Ashly Burch and Rhianna DeVries.

    Why She Rocks


    • Chloe's shirt in Episode 1 is possibly a reference to the famous punk band Misfits, seeing as they share names and that the band's popular logo is a skull, and Chloe's shirt reads "Misfit skull".
    • Chloe is apparently left-handed, confirmed by Co-Game Director Michel Koch.[1]
    • Chloe's zodiac sign is Pisces.
    • Chloe is revealed to have a belly button piercing, as seen in the swimming pool scene in Episode 3. The piercing seems to be a navel barrel, also called a "bananabell", the most common kind of piercing for navels.
    • Chloe's address is 44 Cedar Ave, as evident from several postcards.
    • Chloe can die or have close encounters with death in all episodes except "Chaos Theory".
    • Chloe admits she went to counseling/therapy in the past, but no longer goes because she didn't like what her counselor had to say.[2]
    • Chloe's catch phrase "hella" is used 13 times by herself during the whole game.[note 1]
    • Chloe's car is most likely the 7th generation of Ford F-150.[3]
    • Chloe's car's license plate spells "TWN PKS", which is a reference to Template:Wiki, an American television serial drama, which also takes place in Pacific Northwest and is centered around the mysterious disappearance of a well liked teenage girl prior to the series start. There are also two hills in San Francisco (the city where her parents took a photo together when Joyce was expecting Chloe) with the same name. It is a very prominent tourist attraction.[note 2]
    • Chloe seems to care about animals, as Max states she would never use animal products. Despite this, Chloe can be seen eating bacon at the diner in Episode 2.
    • Chloe doesn't like to use emojis, as she frequently reminds Max of not using them herself, which is probably due to her depression and resentfulness. However, she does use emoji in the timeline Max causes in "Polarized" where Max won the Everyday Heroes Contest and Chloe recognized her step-father's goodwill after he captured Jefferson.
    • It's implied that Chloe is patriotic since she has a U.S. flag hanging in front of her room's window. However, the flag is turned upside down, which is a symbol of resistance towards authority and/or distress. There are other indications like a drawing which depicts Max and Chloe on an adventure accompanied by the "freedom eagle".
    • Quite a few things about the Alternative Chloe Price's life and personality are ironic inversions or distortions of her mainline counterparts.
    • In Episode 1, Chloe parks her truck across two disability parking spaces. In Episode 3, she wants to steal money from the school's disability fund. In the alternative timeline Max creates at the end of the episode, she's a quadriplegic, and suffering the repercussions of the school's undersized disability fund (a letter from the principal recommends she transfer schools because Blackwell can't afford to make all its buildings wheelchair-accessible).
    • In the main timeline, Chloe is a disruptive high school dropout and a street punk. In the alternative timeline, she's a well-behaved straight-A student and a science geek.
    • Mainline Chloe often calls Max "Super Max" because of her time travel powers, which adds a little bit of extra sting when Alternative Chloe tries to placate Max for being unable to do more by telling her she can't always be Super Max.
    • Alternative timeline Chloe never met Rachel Amber, and therefore seems relatively unconcerned about her disappearance beyond reflecting on how sad it must be for her parents.
    • The main timeline's Chloe is a casual drug user who sometimes uses "medicating" as a euphemism for getting high, and her stepfather disapproves of her habit. Alternative timeline Chloe is dependent on medically-prescribed regular doses of morphine to fight off the pain of her injuries, and her father has gone deeply into debt to provide this along with her other medical expenses.
    • Max has been spending so much time and effort to save Chloe from both death and her feelings of abandonment. Alternative Chloe's final request is to have Max euthanize her, and she'll call Max out for abandoning her if she can't go through with it.
    • Chloe has always wanted blue bangs like Pris from Template:Wiki who inspired her to color her hair in the first place (this is said by Alternative Chloe, but Pris never actually had blue bangs).
    • A number of inconsistencies exist between Chloe's height chart from the normal timeline and her height chart in the alternative timeline.
    • Chloe has always loved manga, at least until she was 14, as mentioned by Max when she comments on a manga magazine in 2008.[note 3]
    • Chloe and Max's favorite childhood series include Template:Wiki[4], Template:Wiki[5], Template:Wiki[6], and Template:Wiki[6].
    • Until she was 14, Chloe used to read teenage lifestyle magazines such as "Tween Life Magazine".
    • An unused audio file spoken by Joyce to Frank implies that Chloe always wanted to have a dog.
    • Chloe makes comments to Max that seem quite flirtatious on occasion, and her exact relationship to Rachel is left ambiguous. Chloe's voice actress sees her as sexually fluid.[7] Perhaps supportive of this view is the porn magazine featuring girls in her hideout at the junkyard, her disclosure of a "boy toy phase" and the condoms Max can find in Chloe's shirt pocket. Chloe tells Max that boys are gross, which could imply that she's more into girls than boys. She tells Max that Rachel "saved her" during her "boy toy phase," which indicates that Rachel may have been the first girl Chloe fell in love (or lust) with and was perhaps the turning point in Chloe realizing she's attracted to girls a whole lot more. In Episode 4, Chloe makes a flirtatious comment about Jefferson in the presence of Max, but this was more likely said to get a rise out of Max, whom Chloe observed to act shy and awkward around this teacher only moments before. In Episode 5, during Max's nightmare (shaped by her own insecurities), Chloe flirts with other students, male and female, in front of Max, who can end up emotionally hurt by this. Chloe does act somewhat possessive of Max, at first trying to guilt-trip Max into ditching her school friend, Kate, to hang out with her instead, and later referring to herself as "Max's date" to the Vortex Club's party. If Max kisses Chloe on a dare in Episode 3, Chloe tells Max that now she can text Warren to tell him he doesn't stand a chance. (Warren's texts to Max later on do imply that Chloe did exactly this.)
    • The photo of Max Chloe puts up as her mobile phone background in Episode 3 if Max supported her enough until then is the same picture Max uses in her social media profile page. It's presumed that Chloe followed Max to her social media page and downloaded the picture from there, although it is also possible Max may have invited Chloe to Max's social media page in addition to exchanging their mobile phone numbers after seeing her again in the first episode.
    • Chloe's character might be based on Template:Wiki from Template:Wiki. The female protagonist has a very similar attitude and punk rock style like Chloe; she has the same badass attitude, short colored hair, tattoos and piercings, wears boots and skull motifs. A poster in Chloe's room looks identical to the one used in a promo for the American movie. Chloe's skull shirt from Episode 1 closely resembles the skull motif on Lisbeth's shirt in the Swedish version. Though it's not directly linked to Chloe, Rachel's dragon tattoo is very similar to the dragon image on the Swedish version's film cover.
    • Chloe might also be based on Emma from the French movie Template:Wiki. Both characters are punkish, rebellious teenage girls with short blue hair and are LGBT. In Emma's case, she is gay, whereas it is kept ambiguous whether Chloe is specifically bisexual, pansexual, gay, or sexually fluid.
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    1. Twitter post with Michel Koch's confirmation
    2. During the meeting on the Main Campus in Episode 3, if you choose "Don't joke" from the three options, Chloe will say: "Max, I'm not laughing at you. My old counselor told me that my sarcasm was a way of "avoidance." That's why he's my ex-counselor."
    3. Discussion: http://www.igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=70531
    4. Max on page 31 of her journal: "It shocks me that the girl I grew up with watching SpongeBob ended up in such a scary orbit."
    5. One of the things Max can say when talking to Alternative Chloe is: "To me, it seems like yesterday we were little brats here, watching Power Rangers and destroying the kitchen."
    6. 6.0 6.1 One of Max's idle comments while in Chloe's room in Episode 1: "I guess she's not into Blue's Clues or Teletubbies anymore..."
    7. In an interview with voice actress Ashy Burch, she states that she thinks, "Chloe is sexually fluid. I don’t think she really likes to label herself in any particular way."

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