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    Usagi Tsukino
    "I am the Pretty Guardian who Fights for Love and for Justice. I am Sailor Moon! And now in the name of the moon, I will punish you!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Entertaining Schlemiel-Heroine
    Age: 14 (Classic & R)
    15 (S & SuperS)
    16 (Sailor Stars)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kotono Mitsuishi (current)
    Kae Araki (alternate)
    "Miyuu Sawai (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)"
    Tracey Moore (DIC dub, 1995)
    Terri Hawkes (DIC dub, 1995-1998)
    Linda Ballantyne (Cloverway dub, 2000)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sailor Moon

    "There is no national holiday in summer, but its break comes right at the end!"
    Usagi Tsukino

    Usagi Tsukino is the titular protagonist of the anime Sailor Moon. She is the reincarnation form of Princess Serenity. A carefree blonde sailor-suited schoolgirl, she is the civilian persona of Sailor Moon, leader of the series' primary heroines, the Sailor Senshi. She is voiced by Konoto Mitsuishi.

    Why She Will Punish You in the Name of the Moon (in a Good Way)

    1. She's considered to be the pioneer of the "stock shoujo heroine" archetype, as she is a klutzy, unlucky, crybaby schoolgirl who may not get the best grades, but is still cheerful and loving. This also makes her relatable to the target audience.
      • This also provides some of the funniest moments in the series.
    2. Undergoes massive character development, as she goes from an immature, lazy crybaby to a responsible and powerful hero who has saved the world on multiple occasions.
    3. Usagi is notable for her kindness towards most people. For example, while most people feared Makoto (aka Sailor Jupiter) because they thought she was a thug, Usagi was one of the first ones to extend a hand in kindness toward her. No wonder she's called the messiah of peace.
      • She's so pure, that she is incapable of being corrupted despite her many flaws and the amount of trauma she's been through.
    4. She has attracted several guys as well, thus making her count as a "dude magnet".
    5. Although she may be a superheroine, her character is realistic and shows the downsides to being the "chosen one," to the point where at one point, she wishes she was normal.
    6. She fights for what she feels is right, namely love and justice, even if she doesn't always think things through.
    7. She's the glue that holds the Sailor Senshi together. Without her, they're just lost, and she was the first friend that all of the Inner Senshi had.
    8. Her sailor fuku outfit is iconic, and her dresses as Princess Serenity and Neo-Queen Serenity make her look divine.
    9. Her iconic, powerful attacks, many of which involve love and hearts. This is fitting, considering how Usagi is an all-loving hero and displays multiple forms of love, including friendship (with the Senshi), romance (with Mamoru), and family (with Chibiusa, her daughter from the future).
    10. Amazing voice acting for her done by Kotono Mitsuishi in the original Japanese and Stephanie Sheh in the Viz dub. Even her second DiC voice, Terri Hawkes, wasn't too bad.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Although she was right to do it, she was a bit hard on Chibiusa when she spanked her and seemingly never apologized for it. To make matters even worse, when Chibiusa cries, she outright told Chibiusa that she won't forgive her.
    2. Many times in S and SuperS, she can be seen as clingy, constantly jumping to conclusions and accusing Mamoru of cheating every time he was with female friends or simply being nice to others women and she refused to listen to him explain. She (along with the other soldiers) also treated Artemis the same way when Luna accused him of cheating on her with a nun and refused to listen.
      • This is not only annoying, but it also shows bad character as the whole part of their relationship arc in R was that the two of them had a strong unbreakable bond between each other.
    3. With the mentioned behavior, she can be hypocritical at times as she has been infatuated other boys even though she's dating Mamoru.
    4. Linda Ballantyne's voice for her sounds too old in the DiC Entertainment dub of Sailor Moon as she sounds too old to be voicing a 14-16 year old girl. She also speaks with a strange accent, and her voice was made even worse in Cloverway's dub, to the point where she sounds like a drunk 40-year-old woman with a cigarette addiction. You be the judge.


    • She really hates carrots, which is ironic considering her name means "rabbit".
    • She is scared of dentists and lightning storms.


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