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    Tom (Talking Tom & Friends)

    Talking Tom
    "Hey, guys. Talking Tom, here. I guess I need no introduction but if there are any initiated dudes out there, I'm the cool, good-looking one in the middle! Basically, the top cat. Enough said!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lovable Chatterbox
    Age: 20
    Species: Anthropomorphic Cat
    Portrayed by: Dave Soltura
    Michael Tauzin (2012)
    Colin Hanks (2014-present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Talking Tom & Friends
    First appearance: Talking Tom Cat (2010)

    Tom, aka Talking Tom, is the main protagonist of the popular app series Talking Tom & Friends, as well as the show of the same name, the Talking Tom Shorts, Talking Tom Minis and the origin show, Talking Friends.

    He is voiced by Colin Hanks in Talking Tom & Friends and Michael Tausin in Talking Friends and Dave Soltura in Season 2 of the Talking Tom Shorts.

    Why He's Our Favorite Talking Cat

    1. He is one of the most iconic characters in the history of mobile games, mainly because he repeats everything you say in an extremely high-pitched and fun voice.
      • He, along with The Angry Birds, was the main reason why cell phone apps became so popular.
    2. In Talking Tom & Friends, he has a more natural, deeper voice that people may find less annoying. Thanks to Collin Hanks for voicing him and giving him a charismatic personality.
      • He was also not a victim of Flanderization after the first season of TTS, unlike Angela, who became stupid, bossy and abusive towards Hank, who also became nasty and unfair towards Tom. Tom was never flanderized and continues to be his optimistic and playful personality ever since the first season.
    3. His design is creative and very cute. Although their T5 style is ridiculous (it looks like they're trying too hard to appeal to kids), it can be cute to the point of having a certain appeal to his design.
    4. He is a playful optimist who, no matter the moment, always tries to have fun and make others happy.
    5. His iconic friendship/rivalry with Ben.
    6. He also has a cute romantic relationship with Angela, despite her being a kinda unlikeable in some media.
    7. Even though Outfit7 is no longer the same as a game producer or even a TV show producer, this character proves that they can still make Tom iconic and likable. This means it was one of the few franchises that suffered from a non-flanderization decline (although they have been somewhat Flanderized since 2017).
    8. Although his voice is high-pitched and a little annyoing in Talking Friends, at least it's faithful to the app and accurate to Tom's original voice.

    Bad Qualities

    1. His and his franchise's original games (mainly Talking Tom Cat and Talking Tom Cat 2) lack gameplay, well, a lot of gameplay. The features, although fun, become repetitive as you use them, as there are few of them, and Tom repeating you in a high-pitched voice can be a bit annoying for some players. It doesn't help that some features have been deleted, leaving very few, like the features from the original version of Talking Tom Cat, it would make a lot more sense if they added the features from the first version of Talking Tom with the new one. Newer apps have fixed this, although they have ruined the charm that the original apps had.
      • Speaking of the original version of Talking Tom Cat, his design was kind of creepy and he was a lot more obnoxious, like trying to eat Larry, throwing pies, and scratching the alley he lived in. Fortunately this has been fixed, despite ruining the charm that the original version had.
    2. He is sometimes addressed as Butt-Monkey, such as in the game Talking Tom Cat 2 (by Ben), and mainly in the second season of Talking Tom Shorts (by Angela and Hank)although he was not Flanderized, Tom became a punching bag this season.
    3. It may be unlikable, depending on your point of view. In Talking Pierre the Parrot, he is seen hitting Pierre with music cymbals and always correcting him when he gets his sentences mixed up.
      • Speaking of which, he's been a bit flanderized since Outfit7 was purchased by Jinke, a Chinese company, in 2017 to conform to Chinese standards, although he hasn't become unlikable.
    4. He can also be very naive and misguided in Talking Tom & Friends at times. He tries too hard to be cool sometimes, but he comes across as awkward and inept sometimes. However, he does improve and learn from his mistakes despite being too idealistic for his own good.
    5. Even though his original design can be considered a little off-putting, his T5 design (first introduced in Talking Tom Gold Run) is horrible.
    6. Apart from the old apps, repeat what you say and TTAF and Talking Friends, it doesn't speak, which makes its name a bit misleading


    • According to the Talking Friends Annual 2014, he is a tabby cat. According to Talking Angela and Tom Loves Angela, he is also a Felis fabulatus.
    • It is revealed in Talking Gina the Giraffe that Tom played Patty Cake in competition with Gina, but got third place.
    • He has two vlogs: Talking Tom's Brainfarts and Talking Tom Vlogs.
    • His original model was from a modeling website called TurboSquid.
    • During the series, he is seen breaking up with Angela a lot.
    • In 2012, he visited Hollywood during a promotional event for the release of the Talking Friends Superstars.
    • During 2011-2014, Tom had a catchphrase, "No, no no", which he would use in almost every app he was featured in.


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