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    Tiny Kong
    Tiny Kong (Classic).png
    "Sorry guys. I'm afraid they got me too."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Video Game Character
    Age: Unknown (Child)
    Species: Monkey
    Portrayed by: Eveline Fischer (1999)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Donkey Kong

    Tiny Kong is a recurring character in the Donkey Kong series. She is a small monkey and Dixie Kong's younger sister who debuted in Donkey Kong 64.

    Why She's Tiny

    1. Her small size, along with the flower on her overalls and her pigtails, make her really cute looking.
    2. Hence her name, she can shrink in size, to suit her mood!
    3. Her Feather Bow is useful for shooting targets and opening up gates.
    4. In DK64, she is one of the fastest and most nimble Kongs, along with Diddy.
    5. Tiny is the one who learns of the Banana Queen's problem and says she will do her best to help.
    6. After Donkey Kong 64, she made two cameos in the GBA remakes of Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3.
    7. Using her pigtails, she can float through the air, just like Dixie.
    8. She returned a sad mermaid's pearls to her in Gloomy Galleon.
    9. Tiny is the Kong chosen to battle the Mad Jack in Frantic Factory, the most frightening boss in the game and she is a child fighting it. She mostly avoids him until she gets to shock him using the switches.
    10. Depending on your point of view, her redesign can be very appealing and very pretty for many people, even if she looks like a teenager.

    Bad Qualities

    1. When Tiny returned in Diddy Kong Racing DS, she was very unexpectedley redesigned into a teenager, which is creepy.
    2. After her redesign, Tiny lost her ability to shrink and float with her pigtails, making this redesign entirely pointless.
      • The 2 reasons above have sadly flanderized her as a result. While it was only temporary, thankfully (from 2007-2008), unfortunately, the damage has been done and Tiny hasn’t made any regular appearances since then, being reduced to having rare cameo appearances (her teenage design in Smash for Wii U as a trophy, while her normal cute Tiny self-appeared as a spirit in Smash Ultimate).
    3. She originally wasn't well-received when she first appeared in DK 64, due to her replacing her sister, and fan-favorite character, Dixie.


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