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    Tiffany Chen (Bunk'd)

    Tiffany Chen
    Tiffany chen.png
    "I do not condone lying. Unless it's doctoring your age to get into the high school spelling bee."
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Intelligent Perfectionist who Just Wants To Have Fun
    Age: 11 (season 1)
    12 (season 2)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Nina Lu
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bunk'd
    First appearance: Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka
    Last appearance: The Great Escape

    Tiffany Chen was one of the main characters in seasons 1 and 2 of Bunk'd. Tiffany is a bit uptight and a perfectionist, but she means well. She wants to have a good time at camp but finds it hard since she needs to live up to her strict mother’s expectations. She’s Zuri's frenemy and she’s a bit overwhelmed by Zuri’s rebellious personality, though she does tend to follow her as well.

    Tiffany was portrayed by Nina Lu.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She is sweet, and naive, and often cautious of what is really going on around her.
    2. She shares similar qualities as Olive Doyle.
    3. She is a Chinese descent, and possibly a bigger nerd than Ravi.
    4. She is incredibly smart, unathletic, nerd and is a better version of an awful character in later seasons.
    5. She has a large brain capacity, which she fills with very advanced subjects such as physics and calculus, she finds homework and extra credit assignments fun.
    6. Tiffany and Ravi are the only characters who know the Kikiwaka is real.
    7. She cares about her friends very much, like Ravi, Jorge, Zuri, and Griff as she is always there for them.
    8. She has a good friendship with Zuri and even when they fight, they always make up and fix their mistakes to strengthen their friendship.
    9. She was a very popular character when the show was on back then, and even without a cult following, many viewers see her as a good character.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Tiffany's mother is abusive, due to the fact she of her extremely high standards and unreasonable techniques, is presented as unfairly berating and bullying her daughter, who is utterly terrified of her. Some of her notable accomplishments in the field of abusive parenting include:
      • In the pilot, it's said that she punished Tiffany's brother by refusing to let him come home after he lost the national spelling bee.
      • In "Secret Santa", it's revealed that she has hidden all of the Christmas presents Tiffany has gotten from Santa over the years, and told her that he only gives presents to people who have gotten a paper published in an Ivy league journal.
      • Treating her birthday as something not worth celebrating.
    2. She often makes nonsensical jokes.
    3. Executive Meddling: She no longer becomes the main character in season 3, and even when a picture allegedly from season 2 is shown in season 3, she is absent (it's allegedly a "cabin portrait" of all the girls in Woodchuck Cabin, but Tiffany is noticeably missing and explicitly not mentioned).
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