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    The Spot (Spider-Manː Across the Spider-Verse)

    The Spot
    I'm gonna take everything from you. Like you took everything from me. See you back home... Spider-Man.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Multiversal travel
    Portal creation
    Age: 40s
    Species: Human (enhanced)
    Portrayed by: Jason Schwartzman
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Spider-Manː Across the Spider-Verse

    "Spot: I’m about to be so much more than a villain of the week…
    Miles: I'm sorry I called you that, okay? You're a great villain!
    Spot: Oh, not yet I’m not.


    Dr. Jonathan Ohnn, better known as The Spot, is the main antagonist of Sony Pictures Animation's Spider-Verse film trilogy. He is a scientist from Alchemax who transported a radioactive spider from Earth-42 to Earth-1610 using Kingpin's Super-Collider, causing it to bite Miles Morales and turn him into Spider-Man. During the destruction of the Super-Collider, Jonathan was mutated by a batch of dark matter he was carrying, transforming him into a dimension-travelling supervillain that, while at first incompetent, eventually becomes a massive threat to the entire multiverse.

    Why He's Miles' Nemesis

    1. He's a much more interesting and personal threat to Miles Morales than Kingpin. The Spot is also known to be very hilarious and funny making a very likable villain.
    2. His backstory is sympathetic. After he got into an accident with the Super-Collider after the final battle and was covered with spots, his family even disowned him.
    3. He got the power to travel to alternate universes, including the Lego universe and the Sony Spider-Man movie universe, which is designated as Earth-668.
    4. His introduction in the film is very entertaining as he attempts to rob a ATM in his first battle with Spider-Man.
    5. The Spot was actually the person Miles hit with a bagel in Into the Spider-Verse.
    6. Jason Schwartzman does an incredible job voicing him.
    7. The Spot is more of a dark parallel to Milesː
      • Both of them became superpowered due to Kingpin's collider. Miles got bitten a radioactive spider from Earth-42 that the collider brought to Earth-1610 and the collider's explosion later on caused a jar of dark matter, Dr. Jonathan Ohnn was carrying to get out, resulting in his skin turning white and him growing holes all over his body.
      • At first, they did not know how to use their new powers until the climax of their respective movies.
      • The Spider-Society considers both of them to be anomalies.
    8. Both are brilliant-minded people who feel insecure about the way people treat them (Miles hates that people tell him how he should move forward with his future while Spot is mocked by everyone for his appearance)
    9. However, Miles uses his superpowers for good and to protect people, and couldn't really care any less what the Spider-Society thinks of him. The Spot, on the other hand, is incredibly insecure and upset about being made fun of and viewed unfairly, to the point where this fuels his desire to destroy the universes of every Spider-Person ever, and even believes Miles' role in destroying the collider is what led to his new form.
    10. On Earth-50101, he finally becomes a much more powerful enemy when he embraces the dark energy of the Super-Collider, and threatens to take everything away from Miles as Miles had done to him, before teleporting away.
    11. He's the reason Miles is Spider-Man when he ran a test on Kingpin's collider and brought back a spider from Earth-42. The Earth-42 spider escaped and Miles got bitten.
    12. In Miles's canon event, the Spot kills Jefferson Morales (Miles's father) proving he's capable and dangerous entity who will do what ever it takes to get revenge on Miles for ruining his life.
    13. He may looked unrendered and unfinished, but it matches the charm of his character design. You can also notice the subtle pencil sketches on his body.

    Bad Qualities

    1. In the beginning, Spot starts off being a goofy and comedic idiot. That Miles and his friends easily called him "Villain of the week".
    2. He doesn't really show up for most of the movie, disappearing after he absorbs the power of Earth-50101's collider and isn't seen much for the third act until near the end, when he's ready to attack Miles' universe.
    3. His Backstory isn't justifiable enough to call him sympathetic as while he was mutated by the collider, he started working for Kingpin and Dr Octopus on the second collider before that happened.


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