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    The Fenton Family (Danny Phantom)

    The Fenton Family are a family of ghost hunters of the main character, and series Danny Phantom. They are a family consisting a mother, father, a sister and a brother.

    Why They Rock


    1. The idea of a family of ghost hunters is very amazing/interesting.
    2. The characters are really funny and likable such as Jack Fenton (the father of the Fentons).
    3. They have a good connection and relationship with each other.
    4. Another reason why this family is positive is that they care for each other as seen in episodes of the series such as Prisoners of Love, My Brother's Keeper, and Secret Weapons.

    Daniel "Danny" Fenton (Phantom)

    For more information, read here.

    Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton

    1. Like Danny, she is very supportive towards her brother Danny.
    2. She also embraces her family at ghost-hunting.
    3. Although despite being a 16-year old teenager, she takes upon herself as a "mature" adult.
    4. Her design is very passable.
    5. She has a great relationship with her family, his brother and his two friends (Tucker and Sam).
    6. She does a very good job protecting Danny's secrets from their parents knowing that Danny is a ghost, later on she tells Danny to reveal his ghost form and show it to his parents.

    Madeline "Maddie" Fenton

    1. She is a very caring mother and she is a very intelligent person in the family.
    2. Her relationship with Jack Fenton is very heartwarming when they first meet in college, and eventually got married.
      • Another relationship revolving with her is her children Jazz and Danny.
      • Danny in particular does have a good relationship with her when he was very young and even now, as seen the episode "Maternal Instinct".
      • Jazz on the other hand, does get along with her very well despite her embarrassments toward her and her brother.
    3. Her design is very passable.

    Jack Fenton

    1. Like Goofy, he is very good-natured, and very humorous.
    2. His inventions (in every episode) are very interesting.
    3. His relationship which Danny, Jazz and her wife Maddie are very good.
      • He seems to appear closer with Danny when he introduces his son on ghost-hunting in the pilot, Mystery Meat.
      • As well as Maddie in several episodes/flashbacks, during their college years at the University of Madison (located in Madison, Wisconsin).
    4. His design is very passable.

    Bad Qualities

    Only Overall Quality

    1. They can be weird at times.

    Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton

    1. She can sometimes make Danny miserable at times.
    2. She does make mistakes when it comes to hunting ghosts as seen in the episode "Secret Weapons".
    3. Before she knew Danny’s secret, she was a bit snobby and condescending.

    Madeline "Maddie" Fenton

    1. She sometimes does embrass her siblings to everyone at school.
    2. She can be unlikable sometimes.

    Jack Fenton

    1. He can be clumsy and incompetent at times, even coming off as incredibly silly and goofy at times.


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