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    The Clucking Chickens (character)

    The Clucking Chickens (character)
    Gender: Male
    Type: Cartoon Duo of Chickens
    Species: Bird
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Unknown'

    The Clucking Chickens are two main characters that are created by a person named Sawyer Ique.

    Their names are “Little Chicken” (left) and “Big Chicken” (right).

    The clucking fun duo are both easy-going and don’t like to cause mischief to anyone they encounter but to make sure every one is having a cluck-some time!

    Why They Both Rock

    1. Both of The Clucking Chickens’ portrayals are kind-hearted, funny, friendly, and charming and don’t like to get on anyone’s nerves.
    2. Both get along extremely well together and even towards others.
    3. They show compassion to each other and even help together in situations like blocking a crow from eating their sunflower seeds until they decide to give some of them to it a few seconds later.
    4. They both have different looks so it is easy and recognizable which of the chickens are who.
    5. Both of them are very imaginative like when Little Chicken has a dream while sleeping where he is flying in the sky with other birds like cardinals and crows.
    6. Like most birds, their favorite habitat is staying outside.
    7. Their character designs which are made by Sawyer Ique are well made and even charming.
    8. Both the character designs and personalities help to make The Clucking Chickens likable to everyone.
    9. Both of the chickens don’t like to cause mischief or display any type of bad behavior.


    • The characters have appeared in The Clucking Chickens web-comic that was debuted in 2021. Even though they have originated in 2018 in small mini-animations/videos that were done by the same person, Sawyer Ique.
    • Both of the chickens like to eat sunflower seeds.


    The Clucking Chickens - Webtoons

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