The Blues (Angry Birds)

The Blues (known as Jay, Jake & Jim) are one of the main protagonists from the Angry Birds series. They're a trio of twins composed by Jay (the leader of the trio), Jake and Jim. Jay instructs and gives out plans for his brothers.

The Blues
<center?"Cool with ice!"'
Gender: Male (all of them)
Type: Mischievous But Likable Triplet Bluebirds
Species: Mountain Bluebirds
Portrayed by: Heljä Heikkinen & Lynne Guaglione (Angry Birds Toons)
Noah Schnapp (The Angry Birds Movie; Jay)
Owen Wilder Vaccaro (The Angry Birds Movie; Jake)
Pierce Gagnon (The Angry Birds Movie; Jim)
JoJo Siwa (The Angry Birds Movie 2; Jay only)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Angry Birds

Why They're Cool

  1. They are an inseparable trio and know the power of teamwork very well.
  2. They are as effective against glass, ice, and snow, as Chuck is with wood.
  3. They all look up to the other birds, seeing them as role models or fellow pranksters (in Silver's case).
  4. Being the underhanded pranksters they are, they're really smart and good at problem solving by figuring out what to do and knowing how to resolve situations.
  5. They can also be pretty intelligent and cunning, and use this feature to get out of situations they find themselves in.
  6. They are extremely gifted in constructing contraptions, hoaxes and well-thought-out schemes (usually to trick the pigs or the other birds).
  7. They're very cute looking, especially in the movie, where they have the hatchling designs, only they are vibrant blue with the orange around their eyes.
  8. Their Flash-like helmet from Space looks nice on them, much like the other birds' attire in the same game.
  9. They're usually friendly and loved by the other birds.
  10. They're pretty well voiced by Heljä Heikkinen & Lynne Guaglione.
  11. While they are usually weak birds in comparison with the others, they are one of the strongest characters in Angry Birds Epic, being able to output as much damage as the likes of Bomb, mind you!
  12. They're also younger brother figures to Silver, who acts as an older sister figure to them.
  13. They spawned their own web series called Angry Birds Blues, which is semi-canonical to the movie universe and it shows their adventures with some of the other hatchlings.
  14. Their appearance in the first movie where Red saves three blue baby birds in one egg and brings them to their parents is effortlessly cute and adorable. They even sing a song with other hatchlings to show how grateful they are for Red's heroic actions. After that, the mid-credit scene that reveals that these triplets are the Blues in the games is awesome and surprising. It shows them using the slingshot and charging before they split up and launch in three directions.

Uncool Qualities

  1. They're considered as weak as they can only break glass.
  2. They are a bit irresponsible, as seen in the Toons episodes like "Double Take" and "Bomb's Awake".
  3. They can be rude to their friends at times.
  4. Because of their pranks, they usually get into trouble with the other birds.
  5. In the 3rd Season of Angry Birds Toons, they were flanderized into annoying troublemaking brats that like to beat up the pigs for fun.
  6. Being triplets, they are impossible to tell apart (aside from their different eye colors in the movie).
  7. Despite the good setup in the first movie, the blues were barely utilized in the second movie, with the film instead having a hatchling subplot about Zoe, Sam-Sam, and Vincent (even if the subplot is still cute and fun). Only one of the blues is shown and he is only used as a background character, which is not enough. It would have made more sense if the hatchling subplot was about the Blues joining the team and pretty much having a major role in the story, but the film sadly wasted their potential.


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