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    The Angry Birds
    5 Angry Birds with 5 Unique Abilities, Vengeance against the Pigs! Order from clockwise middle top, Terence, Matilda, Hal, Jim, Bubbles, Jake, Red, Stella, Jay, Chuck, and Bomb
    Gender: Male (Red, Chuck, Bomb, The Blues, Luca, Terence, Tony, Ice Bird, Hal, Bubbles and The Mighty Eagle)
    Female (Matilda, Stella, Willow, Dahlia, Willow, Gale, Silver, and Melody)
    Type: Angry but charming Birds
    Species: Birds
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Angry Birds

    And we're launchin' And we're crashin'
    Let's hit the pigs 'til they all go pop
    We're the best birds, But we're angry
    If you take our eggs, We're never gonna stop!
    Every theme and level we will get three stars, set you straight
    Maybe find a golden egg and win until the next update!― Angry Birds rap

    The Angry Birds are the titular main protagonists from Rovio's franchise of the same name with games, films, books, TV series, and more. They spawned worldwide fame. They're main goal is to stop the Bad Piggies (which was originally led by Leonard but is now controlled by his son King Pig) from stealing their eggs by destroying their buildings with the slingshot.

    Why They're Aren't Angering


    1. They were the reason that mobile games became very popular.
    2. They spawned merchandise, and decent fanart.
    3. Their designs improved in The Angry Birds Movie, which was Rovio’s first film.
    4. They can entertain people easily.

    The Main Flock

    1. They have decent abilities and unique personalities:
      • Red is a great leader to the flock, almost on par with the likes of Fox McCloud and the most focused one in protecting the eggs He is a natural leader: strong-willed, outspoken, and decisive. Knowledgeable and self-confident, he can intimidate other people who may mistake his confidence for arrogance. Despite not having an ability in the first game, he can push blocks and pigs with a wave, or use his ricocheting/speeding ability exclusively in Red's Mighty Feathers. He can also teleport as Telebird.
      • The Blues are unseparable twins and enjoy arguing and especially playing devil's advocate. Being such creative types, they can have a hard time focusing on tasks - especially when they feel tedious or routine. But when they do focus, they're resourceful and inventive problem-solvers, and have the ability of splitting into 3.
      • Chuck is a free spirit and Red's best friend. He prefers to operate without rules or routines. He longs for challenges and excitement and prefers to focus on the bigger picture. He can be a bit impulsive - while everyone else is still talking, he likes to get out and take action who can speed up. in his Rocket Chuck form, he charges at the aimed target just like his Laser Bird form.
      • Bomb is a gentle, sociable and literally explosive bird while other people get tied up with theories and rules, he's out there getting things done. Sociable and exciting, he loves being the center of attention and entertaining people with his antics. He explodes by either contact, or by tapping. In "Short Fuse", he gets electric powers and an increase in the range of his shockwave.
      • Matilda is a motherly, kind and somewhat hippie chicken, and a big friend of Bomb. She is calm, friendly, and sensitive. Her open-minded and accepting nature makes her easy to like, and she tends to play the peacemaker with her friends. She is a perfectionist and trusts her gut when it comes to making decisions, so she doesn't always appreciate outside advice. She drops an egg bomb which force pushes her up.
      • Hal is a clumsy and goofy, but mature and adventurous toucan. His social nature and great conversational skills earn him a lot of friends. On the flip side, his people-pleasing personality means that he takes criticism especially hard. He can go backwards when the screen is tapped, and creates a tornado in Angry Birds Go!
      • Terence is the stoic, silent, pig-hating and quite heavy giant with an untouched crush on Matilda. His introspective nature can make him seem distant from others - but he, in turn, is sometimes baffled by how irrational and emotional others can be. He best works when he's left with his own thoughts, or when interacting with other people who see things in the same way he does and destroys almost any brick.
      • Bubbles is the fearless, optimistic and candy-loving little kid. His sunny outlook and loyal, considerate nature makes him a great friend. He prefers to focus on the bright side of life, so he can get overwhelmed by anything overly complicated or negative and has the ability of puffing up like a balloon.
      • Stella is a childish but cunning and full of energy galah cockatoo. She may look cute and cuddly, but don't be fooled - if you push her too far, she'll soon reveal her blazing-hot temper! That's just how she rolls, sweet on the outside and fierce on the inside. She can trap pigs and blocks in her bubbles and they all go, and then pop and fall.
      • Tony is Terence's patriotic cousin from Finland, being as heavy as Terence and can drop down if you tap the screen.
      • Ice Bird is a mysterious, protective and serious alien bird. He may be exclusive to space, but he can turn blocks into ice, which goes well against stone.
      • Silver is a silly flying-expert. She is similar to Tony, but she loops instead of just straight down.
      • Wingman is Terence's faster alter-ego and has Magnet powers in Space.
      • The eggs (refered to as "ainah" by the characters) are items that the birds needed to protect, but they have abilities in Space and Star Wars, those being electricity usage and opening a vortex respectively.
      • Mighty Eagle is a giant, grumpy and old hero who likes eating sardines, but also the most powerful bird of them all, destroying up to most or even all the blocks and pigs. In Year of The Dragon, he's replaced with Mighty Dragon.
      • Melody is an operatic jazz singing potoo. She cares deeply for her friends and family, and is actually slow to anger, but when she gets upset, she expresses herself through song – to devastating effect. When she starts singing at the top of her lungs, anything that isn’t nailed down may get inhaled, only to be shot out like a bullet when she gets to the chorus. She inhales and spits out structures at the pigs, Does that sound familiar to you?
    2. Aside from maybe the blue brothers, they are very protetive and responsible with their eggs.
    3. Their designs are pretty nice to look at, as simple as they are.
    4. Their bird sounds are cool.
    5. The animation of the birds improved in The Angry Birds Movie 2.
    6. They have gained the assistance of Blu and Jewel in Angry Birds Rio.

    Stella’s Flock

    1. They were added to interest more Rovio fans.
      • Stella is now a leader of her flock, she can now ricochet and dash through many structures similar to Red with her new ability, rather than blowing bubbles, and always look out for fun.
      • Poppy is a fun-loving, loud, mischevious and show-off lutino cockatiel, but also a good friend of Stella. She can drill dive downward, similar to Tony's ability.
      • Luca is the playful and curious hatchling who likes imitating pigs and other birds. He can scream out a huge shockwave that can break glass, and he's almost similar to The Blues.
      • Willow is a daydreaming, insecure and shy, but friendly and confident western crowned pigeon who likes painting. She can spin around like a frisbee, and yet voted to be their favorite character.
      • Dahlia is a smart, resourceful and wise scientist. Almost similar to the Telebird, she can teleport through walls and structures.
      • Gale is a narcissistic, arrogant and disloyal but caring violet-backed starling. Similar to the Mighty Eagle, she can fly through any structure that was painted in gold, and she's also similar to King Pig or mostly Princess Morbucks.
    2. Their abilities are very good.
    3. They also have decent designs.
    4. They were actually voiced by actual people instead of artificial sounds from the first game.

    Angry Qualities

    1. Hal's personality tends to vary, which makes it kinda inconsistent.
    2. Gale is probably the unlikable member of the Stella Flock.
    3. Most of the characters were sadly forgotten, and they've mostly had fallen through obscurity except for Red, Chuck, Bomb, and (to an extent) Silver plus sometimes, Stella, Matilda, and Terence.
    4. Luca can act rebellious sometimes, despite it was part of his personality trait.
      • One example being in "The Runaway", where he even refused to take a bath when Stella told him to.
    5. Terence has no dialogue/lines in The Angry Birds Movie at all, although it make sense, since he was accurate to the video game counterpart.



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