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    Gender: Female
    Type: Gamer Bean
    Kind-hearted Woman
    Passionate Gamer
    Age: 19 (presumably)
    Species: Robotic Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: SMG4

    Tari is a major character in the SMG4 series. She also appears in Meta Runner as the main protagonist as a counterpart in an alternate universe.

    She is a major character in season 8, the tritagonist of The Waluigi Arc, a major character in The Rapper Bob Arc, Season 9 and The Anime Arc, one of the two tritagonists (alongside Meggy Spletzer) of Season 10, a supporting character in The YouTube Arc and a major character in season 11, The SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special and the Genesis Arc.

    Why She Is A Gamer Bean

    NOTE: This page only applies to her on SMG4, not Meta Runner as it was confirmed they are not the same person and are two different people specifically.

    1. She first started off as an introvert, but she was always friendly and positive-thinking ever since her first appearance.
      • In fact, she seems like an almost similar, female embodiment of Luigi if you think about it. Especially since they both seem to share similar qualities of having a semi-familiar level of cowardice, shyness, and ideal innocence but are both friendly, thoughtful, quirky, positive-thinking, and love having fun with their friends.
    2. On top of her being a positive-thinking friend to Mario and his friends, Tari can be quite expressive. Examples of this include her telling Mario to focus really hard on something, her worrying about something, or being weirded out by something that was shown or said.
    3. Ever since the anime arc ended, she was at her best along with Mario and Luigi, where she helped Meggy with her depression and tried to help her in the Splatfest to avenge Desti.
    4. In "Into the Marioverse", she along with herself from other universes teamed up and take down the fake Marios that are taking over the multiverse.
    5. Her love for duckies is cute, especially when it comes to harming them being her weakness.
    6. In "Mario meets a demon and is shortly beheaded", after Saiko and Kaizo went on a crazy and edgy crime spree, she along with Luigi team up and get Saiko back to her friendly, kind, and lovable self.
    7. Out of all the SMG4 characters, she alongside Luigi, is the kindest person, this is also shown when she doesn't like to start fighting people and has a very innocent mindset.
    8. Her first appearance was when she met Mario in "Mario The Ultimate Gamer", she was shown to be a pro at playing games.
    9. Despite being a little bit of an idealistic woman-child, she is very smart, when Mario was controlled to fight SMG4, she was able to help SMG4 fight back without hurting Mario.
    10. Her hilarious moments are better seen in the Mario reaction videos. In regular SMG4 videos, her comedic moments would depict Tari as clumsy or prone to painful misfortunes, but in these videos, she's very honest, expressive, and much more uninhibited than ever before; which are all done hilariously.
    11. She even spawn her own spin off, Meta Runner.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Depending on your point of view, she only was used as an excuse to promote Meta Runner.
    2. Sometimes there are times where she is extremely out of character, like "If Mario Was The Last Man On Earth" and "Boys vs Girls".



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