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    Tammy, Wallace and Dante (Creepwood)


    Tammy, Wallace and Dante are the main protagonists of the 2004 Cartoon Monsoon pilot Creepwood created by Mike Disa. They were voiced by Grey DeLisle, Tom Kenny and Khary Payton, respectively.

    Why They Hunt Zombies


    1. The concept of three junior high classmates teaming up to defeat zombies is quite original.
    2. They all have likable personalities and traits.
    3. Grey DeLisle, Tom Kenny and Khary Payton did a great job voicing the trio.
    4. Their weapons can blast dozens of undead enemies.
    5. Their mentor is the memorable yet highly drunk Mr. Foxworth.
    6. Their character designs are amazing and lifelike.


    1. She can summon her zombie boyfriend Ack for help. Ack was once an enemy of theirs but he decided to join them.
    2. She is a Buffy Summers clone done right. She isn’t afraid to knock out zombies.


    1. Wallace is the weapons expert. He is able to make a lot of weapons from the team car.
    2. Wallace is known to be the smartest kid at Creepwood Junior High School.


    1. He likes taunting to his undead enemies, calling them “dead dudes”.
    2. His shirt shows that he is also interested in aliens, not just zombies.

    Bad Qualities


    1. Given that she is a teenage girl and Ack is a teenage male zombie, their relationship is kind of creepy.
    2. She can get provoked if a smidge of mud is on her dress.


    1. Wallace’s giant gun caused a Boogie to reproduce by dozens of zombies.


    1. He accidentally set his size change ray to grow, making one of the Boogies large. Wallace fixed it.
    2. He sounds a little too similar to Cyborg.


    • Wallace’s name was revealed in the old Cartoon Monsoon website.


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