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    The Pilgrimage proves we are willing to give of ourselves for the greater good. What does it say about me if I turn my back on this?
    Gender: Female
    Type: Envious Heroine
    Insecure Gadgeteer
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Quarian
    Portrayed by: Ash Sroka
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Mass Effect

    Tali'Zorah vas Normandy nar Rayya is one of the main characters of the original Mass Effect trilogy, including its remaster Legendary Edition. She is a quarian engineer who Commander Shepard originally meets when she is on her Pilgrimage and becomes a member of the Normandy crew.

    She is voiced by Ash Sroka.

    Why She is a Great Engineer

    1. She is a fan favorite and one of the best companions in the series.
    2. She holds the distinction of being one of only two squad members available in all three games, the other being Garrus Vakarian.
      • Like Garrus, her plot relevance surged up like crazy from the second game on, even becoming a Love Interest.
      • By the end of the trilogy, she and Garrus have stood by Shepard through everything. Shepard can even acknowledge both of them as their most trusted allies.
    3. She can be in a relationship with a male Shepard during the events of the second and third games. In her romance with Shepard in the second game. She gets more confident and flirtatious in the third.
    4. When Tali joined Shepard's team after the mission on Haestrom, she made it clear that she did so because she wanted to work with them, not Cerberus, showing her unwavering loyalty and devotion to Shepard.
    5. Her personal conflict with Legion is a genuinely tense balancing act, and her loyalty mission deepens your understanding of the geth/quarian conflict and the quarian customs.
    6. She is considered one of the best engineers and geth specialists since quarians are the whole race of incredibly skilled engineers. Note that it's not an Informed Ability. She is as skilled with technology as Legion and Kasumi.
    7. In the second game, Tali reunites with Shepard while the latter is investigating the Collector attacks on human colonies, with her later rejoining the Normandy crew after Shepard rescues her from a Geth attack on Haestrom.
    8. In her loyalty mission, she is accused of betraying the Quarian Migrant Fleet. As Tali's captain, Shepard must clear her name in order to prevent her from being banished from the fleet.
    9. During the course of Mass Effect 3, Tali plays a large role in retaking her homeworld as she's a mandatory squadmate in the missions on Geth Dreadnought and Rannoch.
    10. Her death in the third game is one of the saddest moments in the series, if Shepard lets the geth upload the codes and destroy the quarians, she will commit suicide and Shepard will try in vain to save her.
    11. In the first game, Tali has ridiculously high shields, while her alternate appearance in the second comes with a targeting scanner on her mask and in the third, one of her outfits gives her faceplate a blast-shield. Much of her default outfit in all three games is purple.
    12. The Citadel DLC adds a number of character moments for Tali, including (depending on dialogue and event choices or whether Shepard is in a romance with her) revealing her love of romantic movies, her talent for singing and doing impressions of the Normandy, and the fact she cannot hold her liquor very well.

    Bad Qualities

    1. While Ash Sroka did a good job voicing her, her voice can be obnoxious to listen to.
    2. If you submit the evidences incriminating her father during her trial, she will resent you and her loyalty will be lost.
    3. If her loyalty mission wasn't complete, didn't upgrade the Normandy, or if you submit the evidence against her will, she can die during the Suicide Mission.
    4. Her face is never revealed in any games, and when it was shown in a photo in the third game, it was criticized for its stock photo origins and disappointed many fans.


    • Along with Legion, it appears that Tali was originally available for recruitment at a much earlier point in Mass Effect 2, or that certain missions were intended to be available throughout the game
    • As can be seen in a photograph during the events of Mass Effect 3, Tali's face is an edited portrait of the 2005 Miss England Hammasa Kohistani. However, Tali's photograph was changed to an original render of her face in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.
    • In Mass Effect: Homeworlds, Tali is shown being wounded on the right-hand side of her torso. In Mass Effect 3, while reminiscing about the spot where she was first shot by Saren's agents, she instead recalls she has been grazed in the arm.


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