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    Susan Storm/Invisible Woman (Storyverse)

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    Susan Storm
    "Can’t believe I’m doing this again."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Powerful Invisible Streaker
    Age: 20s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jessica Alba
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Fantastic Four

    Susan Storm, also known as Invisible Woman, is one of the main protagonists of the Tim Story Fantastic Four film series.

    Why She Is Mrs. Fantastic

    1. With her dyed blonde hair in the first film, she looks very similar to her comic book counterpart.
    2. She is a great contrast to her brother Johnny. She is the more protective of the two.
    3. She and Reed have a healthy relationship and eventually get married.
    4. She is considered one of Jessica Alba’s most notable roles. She is also appealing to look at.
    5. Unlike the comics, she is the Director of Genetic Research at VDI, which shows that she is smarter than her earlier comic book counterpart.
    6. In the second film and video games, she is more productive.
    7. Her costume is very comic book accurate.
    8. Some of her lines are memorable including “Can't believe I'm doing this again”.
    9. She had some funny moments, particularly around Johnny and Reed.
    10. The CGI for when she goes invisible or uses her forcefields are lifelike.
    11. She has some motherlike qualities towards Johnny and Ben.
    12. Her nosebleeds while trying to create forcefields are a clever idea.
    13. She had some natural chemistry with the rest of the team.
    14. Her orchid allergy is a good attention to detail.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She has been sexualized during scenes where she isn't wearing her costume while trying to be invisible. It could be justified that only her super suit is affected by it.
    2. In the second film, Alba wears a wig instead of dying her hair, making her look less natural.
    3. In the second film, she is more focused on her wedding, rather than saving Earth from Silver Surfer/Galactus/Doom.
    4. Some of her lines are wooden.
    5. She can be a little overprotective to her brother.


    • Alba returned to voice Invisible Woman in the 2005 Fantastic Four video game.
    • Alba met her future husband Cash Warren while filming the first film.
    • Alba quit the franchise because she didn’t like Story’s direction of the second film.
    • Alba won a Kids Choice Award for the second movie.
    • Alba liked Sue Storm because she is motherly and supportive.
    • Alba owns an action figure of Sue Storm that has her likeness.
    • Her invisibility visual effects are made by a 3D cyber scan of Jessica Alba’s body.
    • By the end of filming the second film, Alba hinted that Sue could be pregnant.


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