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    Superman (Superman I, II, & Returns)

    Clark Kent
    "I stand for truth, justice and the American way."
    Gender: Male
    Type: kind and lovable Superhero
    Age: 25-27
    Species: Kryptonian
    Portrayed by: Christopher Reeve (Superman I & II)
    Brandon Routh (Superman Returns)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Superman: The Movie, Superman II & Superman Returns.

    Kal-El, otherwise known by his name on earth, Clark Kent, also known by his Superhero alias, Superman is a character portrayed by Christopher Reevee in Superman I & II and by Brandon Routh in Superman Returns that was based on the comic book character of the same name. He was adapted for Richard Donner's Superman film in 1978, and later appearing in three sequels in the 1980s, he later appears in Superman Returns as the protagonist again, to which Superman Returns retcons the third and fourth films

    Why You'll Believe A Man Can Fly

    1. He is very kind and caring and caring alien superhero.
    2. Christopher Reeve does an excellent job of portraying the character.
    3. He is more than willing to spend his time, saving other people's lives, he even goes as far as to rewind time to save Lois Lane and he even is willing to get his powers back, just to save earth from the Zod, Non, and Ursa. Which shows that he does care for the earth.
    4. He knows how to properly do an interview, as he does with Lois Lane.
    5. He is very faithful to the character, even if he is not most comic accurate.
    6. He was a very good friend to Lois Lane, even if she may get a little aggressive, even goes far as to save Lois when she tries to sacrifice herself, just to prove Clark is Superman.
    7. his final battle with Zod and the moments where he misguides the missiles are incredibly emotional.
    8. He looks incredibly handsome.
    9. He follows the advice his father gives him, even in adulthood.
    10. His heroic deeds affect those around him in a positive way.
    11. very iconic quotes such as, "I like pink very much Lois"
    12. He has shown to be very heroic and caring even without his powers, as he walks back to the Palace of Solitude to get his powers back
    13. He did redeem himself after in Superman Returns, as that film retcons Superman III and IV.
    14. He even pushes the plot forward in a good way

    Bad Qualities

    1. While he was likable in the first two films, he was eventually derailed in the later two films.
    2. The part where he kills Zod was very unnecessary, considering Zod's power was taken from him.
    3. Some of his quips can be hit or miss such as, "bad vibrations?"
    4. While reversing the earth to save Lois Lane was a good thing, it would have been better if he reversed the earth to prevent the earthquake, save more lives, and billions of dollars on property damage.


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