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    Stewie Griffin
    "Blast you, vile woman!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Mischievous & Quirky yet Well-Rounded Scientist
    Age: 1 (seasons 1-11)
    2 (seasons 12-present)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Seth MacFarlane
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Family Guy

    Stewart Gilligan "Stewie" Griffin is the youngest child of Peter and Lois Griffin, the younger brother of Meg and Chris Griffin and a major character in the long-running adult TV series Family Guy.

    Why Victory Belongs to Him

    1. He has a lot of cool gadgets, like a time machine and a see ‘n say that controls the weather.
    2. He has many unforgettable lines, like “Victory shall be mine!”, “The broccoli must die", “Damn you all!”, and "What the deuce?"
    3. He has a very badass type of personality but also has shown to have a soft side.
    4. He has had an upgrade to his character to give him more personality than before over the years. Where Stewie went from being a stereotypical bond villain who was obsessed with killing his own mother and is now the quirky, flamboyant, free-spirited, self-deprecating, and well-balanced person we all know and love.
    5. His colorful, over-the-top skits are easily the most hilarious in the series alongside Peter's chicken fight skits.
    6. He has an awesome and believable chemistry with Brian Griffin, and their friendship is often considered one of the best parts of the series by fans. In more recent episodes, he also became closer to his older brother Chris, and their chemistry together is also great.
    7. He has many tricks up his sleeve that goes with all of his gadgets and personality.
    8. Seth MacFarlane does an amazing job at voicing him.
    9. The way he pronounces things that begin with a “Wh-“ is unforgettable and hilarious.
    10. He goes on a lot of cool adventures, as shown in his and Brian’s “Road to...” series.
    11. His teddy bear, Rupert, is adorable.
    12. Him, along with Meg, Cleveland, Mayor West, Ida, Bruce, and Joe, are the only ones who barely changed character, even after flanderization.
      • He is slightly starting to be less of a somewhat gay stereotype and is more closer to his original, but still improved, personality starting with season 21.
    13. The “Lois, Lois, mom, mom, mommy, mommy...” scene.
    15. Stewie Griffin has a Soundboard @: Stewie Griffin Soundboard (deercowboy.com)
    16. With all that been said, he is not only Family Guy's best character by a landslide, but also easily the best character from any Seth McFarlane show.

    What the Deuce Qualities

    1. He was somewhat flanderized to a gay stereotype after season 7, but still kept most of his charm. He, along with Meg, remained as one of the most likable characters of the main cast.
    2. In the older seasons, he often had a recurring joke about him wanting to kill his mother, which got very repetitive for the most part. Thankfully, the newer seasons did tone down the recurring gag.
    3. Much like most the other characters in Family Guy, Stewie has his fair share of unlikable moments:
      • Continuing on with the previous pointer, the fact that he wanted to kill his mother is very mean-spirited, though luckily he changed his ways after the events of "Stewie Kills Lois" and "Lois Kills Stewie".
      • He was very unlikable in "Stewie is Enciente" as he forcefully wanted to get pregnant with Brian, in which he impregnated himself and forced him to take care of their hybrid children after they were born.
      • Depsite not being flat-out unlikable, he is somewhat incompetent in "And Then There's Fraud" as he gets plastic surgery to fight the aging of him, even when Brian tells him not to do it.
      • Like most of the characters, Stewie can go into 'psychopath mode' because of how mean-spirited the show itself can be with making unlikable characters like Peter and Brian are with doing illegal activities.
      • He assaulted Brian Griffin twice throughout the series; the first scene was when he severely beat up Brian Griffin over some money in "Patriot Games", which is animal abuse, the second scene was when he hit Brian in the face with a baseball bat filling his eyes with glass in "Peternormal Activity" (although, the second one was justified since 5 seasons earlier in "Brian Writes a Bestseller", Stewie inspired Brian to get back into writing and how did Brian thank him? He abused him and yelled at him over stuff he knew he couldn't help. Not because he thought Stewie could do better, but because he thought he could with his newfound fame.).


    • Stewie is a genius baby.
    • A few characters from other media were said to be similar to him according to each of their pages in the wikis of the medias. One example is Foop from the Fairly OddParents (both being infants who are capable of speech, sound like grown men, speak in British accents, act villanous, and have initial hatred towards their mothers, but get over it later on). Another is Thomas (the demon, not the anthropormorphic goat, or the tank engine) from Regular Show, who only has the capability to speak and sound like a grown man, minus the British accent though his parents have strong Cockney-British ones.



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