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    Stella Malone
    A good character, and a loyal girlfriend to Joe.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Friendly, fashion girl
    Age: 19
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Chelsea Staub
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Jonas'

    Stella Malone is one of the main characters of the Disney Channel series, Jonas. She is childhood best friends with all the brothers and is the band's personal fashion designer. She is also best friends with Macy Misa and is the main love interest and girlfriend of Joe. She's a pretty good and likable character in the show.

    Why She Rocks

    1. Stella is a very well likable character, who is the childhood friend of the Jonas brothers.
    2. She has some funny moments, like when she dressed Joe in an awful outfit, and whenever Stella gets jealous of Joe hanging with another girl that's not Macy.
    3. She's a great fashion designer, as she believes it's the sixth sense, and she finds unique ways to personalize the Jonas brothers’ school uniforms.
    4. She also shares her talent in design with other people, wanting to spread her ideas.
    5. She is the Jonas brothers’ stylist, creating the Stellavator in order to help the boys know what to wear.
    6. She also repairs the Jonas brothers’ clothes when fans rip or destroy them, and designs their clothes for special occasions.
    7. Unlike Macy, she is very bad at sports, but she passes her gym class by designing/making Macy's Volleyball Team uniforms.
    8. She has a good and very believable friendship with Macy, and they help each other out at times.
    9. She cares about her Aunt Lisa very much, and eventually convinced her that not all rockstars are heartless.
    10. She's a great friend to the brothers, and gives them great advice and helps them in any way she can, and she makes sure the boys do the right thing.
    11. She has a good relationship with Joe, and they have some cute moments.
    12. She was at her best in "Band of Brothers", where she had a nice talk with her Aunt Lisa, about how rockstars can be kind, thinking about how her relationship with Joe could have been better, and warming back up to Joe as he came all the way to the airport to make up with her, and they kiss, as they head to the concert, and she cheers him on. She has some more cute moments with Joe, especially when she sits with him at the campfire when he and his brothers sing their final song.
    13. Chelsea Staub did a good job playing as her.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Stella can be a bit too jealous whenever Joe is with another girl that's not Macy.
    2. While it's understandable that she's not good at sports, her designing/making Macy's Volleyball Team uniforms to pass gym class got her off too easy, as there are other gym activities to do besides sports, like exercising.
    3. She can be unlikable and annoying sometimes.
    4. She can be bland and boring sometimes.


    • Fans of the show ship Joe and Stella's relationship as Joella.
    • Stella's aunt Lisa was originally against the growing relationship between Joe and Stella, but eventually comes to accept their love for each other.
    • Joe and Stella are the main couple of the series.


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