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    Gender: Female
    Type: Cute Friend of Todd
    Age: 11
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Maggie Blue O'Hara (season 1)
    Britt McKillip (season 2)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: ToddWorld
    First appearance: Todd Builds a Fort
    Last appearance: Hair We Go

    Stella is one of Todd's best friends and one of the three tritagonists (alongside Sophie and Pickle) of ToddWorld. She is voiced by Maggie Blue O'Hara in season 1 and Britt McKillip in season 2.

    Why She Rocks

    1. For starters, Stella is a fashionable and obsessional young girl who is fairly talented in many subjects.
    2. She is a cute friend to Todd, Pickle and Sophie.
    3. Her character design is beautiful and adorable.
    4. She does have some funny moments.
    5. She is a fully girly girl, obsessed with glitter and sparkles, stars, hair accessories, and anything pink; however, she also enjoys playing sports, acting, and baking.
    6. She is also a caring friend as she takes good care of Mitzi and Benny, showing that she will do what she can to make someone feel better and is highly empathetic, such as the time Todd lost his colors.
    7. She's very imaginative, mature and creative, but she is not above begging or manipulating someone with tears if she really wants something. However, she doesn't do this often.
    8. In season 2, Britt McKillip did a better job voicing Stella than Maggie Blue O'Hara voicing her in season 1.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She can be mean-spirited at times.
    2. At times, she can be fairly temperamental and bossy if annoyed.
    3. In her attempts to help someone, she can also become overly pushy, or act rudely and not realize it straight away.
    4. She can also be very self-conscious regarding how she looks. It's not that she's a sarcastic beauty queen and she's never bossy.
    5. Maggie Blue O'Hara did a poor job voicing Stella in season 1 due to sounding like a teenage girl rather than a 11-year-old girl.
    6. In "Stella's Different Ears", it shows her fear of her own two different colored ears, with one being blue and the other being red, which was unjustified.


    • She has a fear of thunder, lightning storms, and monsters.
    • She likes to eat cookies, even when she puts peanut butter on them.
    • In one episode, Stella is revealed to wear pink lined socks beneath her tights.
    • Due to the normal attire, the name/word Stella means "star".
    • Her favorite hobby is swimming.
    • She is the only main character that has her voice changed during the show's run.
    • Her name was originally Dot.
    • It's implied that her favorite color is pink.
    • She is one of the students enrolled at ToddWorld Academy.


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