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    "Cute and Bubbly!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Independent Teenage Bubble-Blower
    Species: Galah
    Portrayed by: Heljä Heikkinen (Angry Birds Toons; Angry Birds Stella)
    Kate McKinnon (The Angry Birds Movie)
    Kate Daniel (Angry Birds on The Run)
    Gigi Saul Guerrero (Angry Birds Summer Madness)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Angry Birds

    Stella (known as the Pink Bird) is the newcoming character from the Angry Birds series. She's a pink teenage galah cockatoo who debuts in the Back to School portion of Angry Birds Seasons in 2012, and also gained her own female-oriented spinoff game Angry Birds Stella in 2014, due to her popularity.

    Why She's Cute and Bubbly

    1. She's one of the new birds who debuted in Angry Birds Seasons, as in the Back to School portion of the game.
    2. Her power-up is cool, which she even uses her bubble-based powers, which in order to blow bubbles and trap the pigs and structure objects till they all go up, and all go down for maximum impact, and later changed into a "Pink Flash" ability in her own spinoff game.
    3. She was very childish and cunning who loves blowing bubbles and independence, which she had later turned into a brave and energetic teenager who does more intense hobbies, such as parkour and rock-climbing.
    4. She also cares for Red and his entire flock, despite she's an independent girl of the flock who likes being alone.
    5. She's pretty well voiced by Heljä Heikkinen and Kate McKinnon.
    6. Her design is pretty cute.
    7. During 2014, she had also gained a girl-oriented spinoff game and series called Angry Birds Stella, and even her own flock of new characters (Poppy, Luca, Willow, Dahlia and Gale), despite due to her popularity.
    8. She's also a pretty talented leader of her own separate flock, just like Red in the original Angry Birds series, in her own spinoff game.

    Not So Cute and Bubbly Qualities

    1. She is usually too weak as when she debuted, but she got buffed in her spinoff game, becoming stronger with her new power.
    2. She (along with Hal and Silver) never appeared in Angry Birds Toons, but she sadly made her one-time only appearance in the trailer.
    3. She notably gained a rivalry towards Gale, in a similar vein to Red gaining a rivalry towards King Pig.
    4. She might be a bit mean-spirited and stubborn, and she's somehow a mean popular girl. Here are some examples of where she was unlikable.
      • In Angry Birds: Summer Madness, she often turns on her friends for her selfish reasons, for example, in episode 3, "Microphone Mayhem", when Red suggests that they should let Lynnette run the camp again because it's the right thing to do, she turns the whole camp against him to stop him.
      • Another time, she had also scolded Luca for being muddy (again) in "The Runaway", especially when she's trying to force him to take a bath, which can somehow make her sociopathic too.
    5. She can be a bit stereotypical sometimes.
    6. In The Angry Birds Movie 2, she was inaccurately colored to resemble her first Angry Birds Movie counterpart colors and her toons counterpart colors as well, which even shows the laziness of getting her colors right.
    7. She is sometimes a bit bossy.


    • In the Angry Birds: Hatching a Universe book, it is revealed she went through many changes in development, she was once considered having a blue color. She also resembled many anime characters and The Powerpuff Girls as said in the book.


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