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    Squirtle/Wartortle (Starter Squad)

    Gender: Male
    Type: Smart Squirtle, who focuses on following the rules. (Episodes 1-9)
    Powerful Wartortle who wants to avenge his friend's death (Episode 10)
    Species: Squirtle (Episodes 1-9)
    Wartortle (Episode 10)
    Portrayed by: Dreux Ferrano Jr
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Starter Squad

    Squirtle (Now known as Wartortle as of Episode 10) is a supportive character (Episodes 1-9) and secondary protagonist (Episode 10) of Starter Squad.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He is a likable character, who doesn't cheat in Pokémon battles, and he is mostly doing the right thing.
    2. He is mostly does the right things, such as letting Charmander know to follow the Pokémon Battle rules (That being taking turns attacking), criticizing Charmander for his bad actions (Those being cheating and murder), and even questioning Leader Caterpie for his actions in Episode 7.
    3. Despite him and Charmander not getting along, he did help Charmander calm down, learn empathy in Episode 5, and try to make him a better person.
    4. He is pretty smart, as he knows type disadvantages. Such as in Episode 1, where he tells the trainer that the first gym is rock type and he will fail if he picks Charmander. (Since fire moves will not work on rock types)
    5. Dreux Ferrano Jr does a great job voicing him.
    6. In Episode 10, he went from a Pokémon who refused to evolve out of pity to sacrificing himself in order to save Chimchar.
    7. Character Development: He went from a comic-relief character, to a supportive character in Episode 6, and later becoming a serious and brave protagonist in Episode 10.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He tends to be out-out-character at times, such as in Episode 6 where he grabs Weepinbell (Although somewhat justified since he was useless and tricking them), and tells Charmander to attack him, and Episode 10 during a flashback where he kills a Fearow by severely injuring and choking him to death by strangling him by the neck. Although this was done out of anger after realizing that Leader Caterpie was using him this whole time.
    2. Hypocrisy: Despite calling out Charmander for cheating, he is a part of the cheating by being used as a shell attack in Episode 7.
    3. Despite being smart, he tends to do dumb things. Such as these.
      • In Episode 10 where he postponed his evolution while he is level 98 (As he would have evolved to Wartortle at level 16, and then again to Blastoise at level 36) and making excuses to Turtwig and Chimchar to why he didn't evolve to his next form earlier.
        • This would however help him to an advantage to defeat the giant Abomasnow.
      • Trusting the Caterpie Leader, and he was later brainwashed by him to be a part of the war.
      • And also for being a part of the incident where Charmander summoned MissingNo in Episode 5. As he was the one who made the plan.


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