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    Spud the Scarecrow
    "Spud's on the job, Bob!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Mischievous Comic Relief
    Species: Scarecrow
    Portrayed by: Rob Rackstraw (UK, post-Project: Build It)
    Alan Marriott (US, pre-Project: Build It)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bob the Builder

    Spud the Scarecrow is a recurring character from Bob the Builder. He is the talking animate scarecrow who lives with Farmer Pickles and loves to make mischief and often gets himself into trouble. He tries to help Bob and the team, but his efforts end in disaster.

    He is voiced by Rob Rackstraw in the UK and by Alan Marriott in the US before Rackstraw replaced him from Project: Build It onwards.

    Why He's Definitely on the Job

    1. He is portrayed as a recurring comic relief character and is also considered a fan favorite among fans of the show.
    2. Spud does receive comeuppance and karma for his actions and naughtiness:
      • In "Pilchard in a Pickle", Spud does torment Lofty while he was lifting one of the pipes, but Bob catches the scarecrow and tells him off, prompting Spud to apologise to both Bob and Lofty before Bob sends him away to scare off birds from the lettuce field.
      • In "Naughty Spud", after stealing Bob's ladder to get some apples from an apple tree, he later comes back with a tummy ache as karma for leaving Bob stuck on the roof of the shed by taking his ladder and eating too many apples.
      • In "Travis Paints the Town", he hooks the line marking machine on Travis and tricks him into speeding off to the pond, but he is later found out by both Bob and Farmer Pickles who punish Spud by making him clean up the mess and the lines.
    3. He does learn from his mistakes, which can be either intentional or not, while helping Bob, Wendy and the team or anyone else, and with some help from the team, Spud manages to set things right in the end.
    4. There are times where Spud isn't as naughty or mischievous and does help Bob and Farmer Pickles with their jobs.
    5. Like Bob and Wendy, as well as the machines, Spud is well-animated with fluent stop-motion and his character design is splendid.
    6. He is good friends with Travis the Tractor, and they very often hang out together, as well as helping Farmer Pickles with the deliveries.
    7. Rob Rackstraw and Alan Marriott did good jobs voicing him.
    8. In the Ready Steady Build special The Legend of the Golden Hammer, he went with Scrambler on a treasure hunt and finds the Golden Hammer as a surprise for Bob.

    Intentional Bad Qualities

    1. He can be somewhat unlikeable at times, as he sometimes can be very rude to the machines for no reason other than being mischievous. However, to be fair, he was supposed to be unlikeable from time to time so he can receive karma for his actions.
      • He was at his worst when he mocks and teases poor Lofty in "Lofty to the Rescue" for having fears of heights, before he later torments Scoop and Muck until Spud falls off the bridge and caught in a tree.
    2. He can cause rather stupid mistakes, even without doing it on purpose:
      • He turns and removes the stopcock key from the water mains which soaks Mr. Bentley who was inspecting the burst pipe at the time in "Inspector Spud", prompting the scarecrow to take over while Mr. Bentley leaves to change his clothes. While being "inspector", Spud unknowingly collapses Farmer Pickles' barn and treads in the wet concrete where he gets stuck.
      • He accidentally falls onto Scruffty's kennel and destroys it in "Eskimo Bob" while trying on Wendy's skis.
    3. He is completely removed in the 2015 reboot with no reason whatsoever.
    4. His voice sounded nasal in the first 6 seasons. Eventually, it was fixed in season 7 and was still used until Ready Steady Build.
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