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    Spike Bulldog
    "That's my boy!"
    — Spike's quote to his son, Tyke
    Gender: Male
    Type: Somewhat Brash yet Good-Natured and Manly Pet
    Age: 30s (theoretically)
    Species: Anthropomorphic/Bipedal Dog
    Portrayed by: Billy Bletcher (1944–1948 and up until 1949)
    Daws Butler (1949–1957)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Tom and Jerry

    Spike the Bulldog is the deuteragonist of the Tom and Jerry franchise, he has appeared in almost all renditions of Tom and Jerry and its associated TV series. Spike is a stern, but occasionally dumb American Bulldog who is particularly disapproving of cats, but is a softie when it comes to mice, innocent characters and of course, his son Tyke.

    Why He Is a Good Bulldog

    1. Whenever he was paired with Jerry, he was Jerry's loyal and protective sidekick, this is shown in a style of a laid-back wingman when Tom annoyed Jerry in episodes like The Bodyguard, he always helps him stand up for him (whenever he is aware of the situation at the very least) and was always done satisfyingly and hilariously, sometimes both at the same time!
    2. With this in mind, when he is friends with the duo Tom and Jerry it is quite wholesome, heartwarming, and fun to watch seeing how he can sometimes help or even save his friends out in The Truce Hurts, for example.
    3. He is very loyal and affectionate to his owners, humorously or not.
    4. If Tom wasn't evil or didn't attack Jerry, he didn't attack Tom in an irritable way as well. Showing how innocent he was.
    5. Even if Tom actually treated him wrong to the point of provoking him, Spike's short-tempered and ballsy demeanor was warranted.
    6. He usually gives strict warnings to Tom that he will give him a beating if he does anything to provoke him, Jerry or his son Tyke, even if it means being rough with him.
    7. His barks were pretty funny.
      • He has his funny moments here and there.
    8. When Jerry saved him in an episode (i.e. “The Bodyguard”), he was very grateful and he helped Jerry in response.
    9. He was mainly characterized by how much of an Papa-Wolf he is with showing how much he will protect his son Tyke from harm and interruption at all costs, and is shown to be a very reliable father figure (a lot like an certain anthro dog who is also a good parent). His caring, devoted and fatherly nature for Tyke was always shown in an very endearing manner. Not to mention that his memorable and quotable catchphrase on showing his fondness for his pup was what he was remembered by many, true-hearted Tom & Jerry fans for.
      • "That's My Boy!"
    10. While Spike is usually violent with other cats like Tom or even powerless dogs that annoy or provoke him, he generally has a good reason to do so since they startled him (e.g. The Truce Hurts is a good example of doing this for protecting Tom).
    11. In The Truce Hurts, Before the newfound friendship came to an end, Spike was portrayed as a very intelligent and equilibrated character when convincing Tom and Jerry to stop fighting among the three of each other and sign a Peace Treaty to be friends.
    12. Even when Spike himself was downplayed by his later appearances after the golden age of Tom & Jerry in some adaptions like in The Tom and Jerry Show (1975), The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show (1980) and Tom and Jerry Tales for example, he was still a pleasant character to be around (if somewhat of an unlikable jerk at times due to his mild flanderization).

    Bad Dog Qualities

    1. He was completely flanderized in the Tom and Jerry 2014 series, because of the fact that his personality was dumbed down to the point of not being his more memorable and likable counterpart.
    2. Before any of his flanderizations ever took place; while not unlikeable at the slightest, he can be sometimes slow to pick up what Jerry is suffering through when he doesn't notice that Tom was involved by how Jerry gives him sign languages of begging for help and being temporarily unaware in "The Bodyguard" episode as an example.
    3. His loyalty for his owners (while true-blue for the most part) can be capricious at times with tagging along with Tom's selfish behavior (e.g. Pet Peeve being an example of this when he and Tom were kicked out for slightly wrecking the house at the very least).
    4. Spike can sometimes show to have a lack of common sense or shows acts of gullibility at times, especially when either Tom or Jerry easily deceives him on occasion.
    5. He can act a bit too rough with Tom most of the time.



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