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    Spider-Man (Takuya Yamashiro)

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    Takuya Yamashiro (山城 拓也, Yamashiro Takuya), also known as Spider-Man (Japanese: スパイダーマン, Hepburn: Supaidāman) and colloquially as the "Japanese Spider-Man", is a fictional character and superhero portrayed by Kōsuke Kayama (Shinji Tōdō) based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. He is the protagonist of Toei's 1978 Spider-Man television series,

    Why He's The Emissary From Hell (Why He Rocksǃ)

    1. He's one of the most unique versions of Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse, as while he has Peter Parker's signature red and blue suit, his powers are vastly different from those of Peter Parker, as he uses his bracelet to shoot webs, and can summon his giant robot Leopardon (more on that later)
    2. While he can be rather violent (such as him using a GUN in one episode), he still has a heart of gold, as he is shown to be caring for his friends and his family when he's not doing superhero stuff, and he promised to take down the evil Professor Monster and the Iron Cross Army as revenge for his dad.
      1. Of course, like any good superhero, he helps others out while wearing his suit.
    3. Aside from his bracelet, his suit is extremely faithful to Peter Parker's suit in American comics, heck, it looks even more faithful to the original source material than the suit worn by the actual Peter Parker in the American-made The Amazing Spider-Man TV show.
    4. Like what WHR 1 says, he can summon his giant robot Leopardon, as well as use his trusty sword, named the "Sword Vigor", is so powerful it can destroy giant monsters in one hit, including Professor Monster, the sinister and diabolical leader of the Iron Cross Army.
      1. In the comic story "Spider-Geddon", Miles Morales, with his new Captain Universe powers, briefly wielded the sword to defeat Solus.
    5. While his show has ended almost over 50 years ago, he is still rather popular, as action figures are still being made of him, and he is set to appear in the upcoming movie "Spider-Manː Beyond The Spider-Verse". Speaking of the Spider-Verse...
    6. In 2014, to many fans surprise, he appeared in the epic comic story "Spider-Verse", and he was great in that story. This marked the first time he appeared officially outside Japan. He was so popular in that story that he even appeared in the 2018 sequel "Spider-Geddon" and he was also pretty great in that story
      1. His appearance in Spider-Verse was actually a mistake, as Marvel Comics didn't have permission to use the character. When Toei Company, found out, they asked Marvel Comics not to use him again. However, his appearance in the story was very well-received by Japanese fans, which caused Toei Company to change their mind and they let Marvel keep using him in their comics.
    7. Like what WHR 2 says, while he does help out his family when he's not doing superhero stuff, he also helps out other civilians either with or without his suit, such as when he helped a little boy believe in himself and stop bullying others and he reunited a mother and child with their long lost dad.
    8. His personality is extremely charming and silly, fitting the rather light-hearted tone of the series (albeit with some dark moments).
    9. He has tons of great quotes, including, but not limited toː
      • "The Emissary from Hellǃ Spider-Manǃ"
      • "Iron Cross Killerǃ Spider-Manǃ"
      • "World Martial Arts Championǃ Spider-Manǃ"
      • "Destroyer of the Mushroomǃ Spider-Manǃ"
    10. Shinji Todo does a great job at portraying him.
    11. In the final episode, he fulfilled his promise of defeating the evil Professor Monster, and avenged his dad's death.
    12. His show helped Power Rangers come to America, and made Super Sentai have giant robots, which changed Tokusatsu series forever.

    Bad Qualities

    1. At times, he can come off as rather cheesy, though this can be a good thing
    2. Some fans might be confused by him and his show, as he is much different than the comic book Spider-Man.
    3. He can be rather weak at times, such as when he was having a headache from loud music, which weakened him, though this can be funny to some.
    4. In one episode, when a lady jumped off a building to kill herself, he took the stairs instead of jumping or shooting his webs to try and save her, NO JOKE.


    • It is said that only one of the original suits used during the filming of the show has been preserved. The suit that was preserved was the same one that was used during the interview with Stan Lee on the DVD set of the series.
    • No toy version of the Spider Bracelet was ever made during the run of the show's airing, while related products and manga adaptations omitted the bracelet altogether. Moreover, a lighter version of the Spider Bracelet prop was built specifically for action scenes, since the one used in close shots was too heavy for the suit actor to wear during stunts.
      • Bandai would eventually make an electronic toy replica of the Spider Bracelet as part of the Soul of Chogokin GX-33R Leopardon set.
    • Supaidaman's first appearance in American comic books took place in Spider-Verse, but his inclusion in the story was a gaffe, since Marvel Comics didn't actually have permission to use the character. When Toei Company, the creators and owners of the character, found out, they asked Marvel to not use Supaidaman again. However, Supaidaman's acknowledgement in Spider-Verse was acclaimed by his Japanese fans, prompting Toei to change their mind and let Marvel keep using the character.
    • In 2022, Hasbro released a Marvel Legends Supaidaman action figure as part of their Spider-Man Beyond Amazingː 60 Amazing Years wave. This was the first time a action figure of him was released outside of Japan.
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