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    Dark Laser (The Fairly OddParents, Seasons 3-8)
    (created 311 days ago)
    NOTE: Do not delete this blog post as it is a blog post and not an article. ArticlesHome File:Dark Laser.png "We meet again, Timmy Turner." Gender: Male Type: Hilarious villain yet childish who wants to destroy Timmy and his fairies Age: TBA Species: Human Portrayed. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif7 comments
    Characters That We Should Add On This Wiki
    (created 338 days ago)
    1: Anne (Amphibia) 2: Bomb (Angry Birds) 3: Baldi and Sonic (FuturisticHub; I came up with this idea because Suppai wanted parody characters on the sister wiki) 4: Gun (Object Mayhem) 5: Trowel and Beer (Object Terror) 6: Hopewing (ShanePlays) 7: Firey (BFDI). . . more
    voteIcon.gif2 votescomment.gif5 comments
    Star Butterfly should've been added back to this wiki
    (created 472 days ago)
    I think Star Butterfly should've been added back to Greatest Characters Miraheze cause despite her flaws,such as the destruction of magic and her moments of egotistical and acting like she knows better than others(I think Star inherited half of her arrogant and stubborn behavior from her mother,who. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif7 comments
    Should there be a John Marston page?
    (created 711 days ago)
    Should we create a John Marston page on this wiki?. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif7 comments
    FieryIce10, are you Dogleader?
    (created 783 days ago)
    You've been removing the Smash Bros.-related references from the Nintendo character pages, and claiming that they didn't originate from Smash (which is true, but they're still part of the series) in a rant-like manner, which is exactly what Dogleader would do, so are you him or not? If so, then why. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif7 comments
    The topic creation is broken.
    (created 787 days ago)
    A couple days ago, I tried to create a topic on this wiki, but I couldn't, because when I tried to do so, all I got was this message with a lengthy error code that ends with something along the lines of "Caught execption type of Flow/Exception/NoParserException". I made a topic about this situation. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif5 comments
    Today's my Birthday!
    (created 801 days ago)
    My birthdate's November 25th, which is today is Happy B-Day to me! 😉. . . more
    voteIcon.gif2 votescomment.gif9 comments
    Anyone have any waifus/husbandos?
    (created 835 days ago)
    Here are my waifus, and since I'm a straight male, this list is all females, and I have no husbandos. Here's my list, no particular order: Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury and King Of Fighters) Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) Vampirella Princess Daphne (Dragon's Lair) Princess Peach (Super. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif14 comments
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