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    Sonic T. Junior (SuperSonicJoseph)

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    "Don't let your kids watch this!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Swearing and more

    Sonic T. Junior
    Image of Sonic Junior.png
    "Do the Magic Bitch!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Cute yet Mischievous & Badass Gamer
    Age: 13
    Species: Hedgehog
    Portrayed by: Joseph DiAngelo Sanford (2016-2022)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The SuperSonicLogan Series Show (2016-2017), SSJ Series (The 2017-19 Era)

    Sonic Tyrone Gamerhog, better known as Sonic Junior and referred to as Junior, is a anti-heroic deuteragonist/tritagonist of The SuperSonicLogan Series Show and the SuperSonicJoseph series from the web channel SuperSonicJoseph (currently named Joseph Sanford).


    He is a short, blue, anthropomorphic youthful hedgehog who is Sonic's adoptive son, who is known for his passionate obsession with video games and playing them 24/7 (especially having a certain love for Sonic Mania), being sometimes unruly and mostly nice, and being quite hyperactive when he'd sometimes cause mischief in a playful and energetic if aggressive manner.

    He was first seen as Sonic's adoptive son in 2017, who was dropped off at the Animal Kingdom Mach I by his real parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rodent, for no reason. And later on, he gets himself into many situations and his hyperactivity made him eventually grow a strong love for video games, specifically Sonic Mania.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He's very friendly whenever he's in a good mood, as he comes off as nice, cute, and harmless if left unharmed or triggered.
    2. Despite being wild and his obsession with video games, he cares for Sonic, his adoptive dad.
      • He had a fairly satisfying moment at the end of "SSJ Plush Short: Sonic Junior The Badass!". When Sonic felt extremely remorseful for nearly putting Junior on Fostercare after Robotnik tortured Sonic for said evidence he used against Sonic, Junior tells Sonic how much he accepts Sonic as his dad and thanks him for telling the truth, Junior took no offense and allowed Sonic to harm Robotnik for tormenting Sonic over a petty lie.
      • In "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic's Voice Problem!"; after Junior was making silly jokes, he was concerned for his dad when Sonic lost his voice from laughing too much.
    3. Making this version of Classic Sonic as a "game-obsessed troublemaker kid" sounds like a nice concept to making him stand out from the original.
    4. Even though he used to be vulnerable, he's certainly had his badass moments. The video "SSJ Plush Short: Sonic Junior The Badass!", is the best example where Junior used to take on Robotnik for the latter's lazy misdeed that tormented his dad and/or his canine ally.
    5. He has a hyperactive, mischievous personality that can be unpredictable yet pretty funny and entertaining to watch. For example, "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic's Voice Problem!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: Ping Pong!" and the first half of the episode "SSJ Plush Short: Questioned Junior!". Even if his troublemaking behavior slightly resembles a pseudo SML Junior, except less stupid and more cartoonish.
      • His level of sarcasm applied to his cute personality is pretty enjoyable, a example of this is "SSJ Plush Short: The Power Of Gaming!".
    6. His love for Sonic Mania, is very cute and directly affectionate towards the game, the makers of the game, and the fans of said game. Especially when many longtime Sonic fans love nearly felt the same way.
      • He is seen playing Disney Infinity, making his own worlds that he imagined to be recreated levels from other SEGA/Nintendo titles, an example of this is the episode "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic Junior's New Shoes!".
      • You also get many scenes of playing video games like Disney Infinity, Sonic Mania and even Sonic the Fighters as seen in the episode "SSJ Plush Short: Gaming!". All of which defines his traits as a hardcore gamer.
    7. Speaking of WSTJR#3, ever since the episode "SSJ Plush Short: Sonic Junior The Badass!", he has gotten a badass streak that makes him much more heroic than how his hyperactive, mischievous, childlike personality implies. Episodes like "SSJ Plush Adventure: A Team's Rally!", "SSJ Plush Short: Sonic Junior The Badass!", "SSJ Plush Short: The SONIC Fighters!", and "SSJ Plush Adventure: Plan E-Vision!", these episodes depict Junior as a heroic protagonist who helps his dad fight against Eggman for the greater good.
      • In the same manner Garfield has this rivalry with Nermal, the way Junior gets back at Mickey for being an annoyingly loudmouthed nuisance is always satisfying and hilarious to watch. Examples of these include "SSJ Plush Short: Sonic Junior's Fun Day!" and "SSJ Plush Adventure: Confusion".
    8. His rap song called "Ed!", heard in the episode, "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic's Voice Problem!", is pretty awesome, comedic, and catchy.
    9. One of his phrases, "Do the Magic Bitch!", was well-remembered for starting the series' "Asskicking One Liner" catchphrase to be reused (and even varied at times to make it different) due to fans loving this quote whenever Robotnik gets his humble pie delivered by Sonic and his friends.
    10. Many nice lines and quotes like "I defy you with GAME Power!" (SSJ Plush Adventure: A Team's Rally) and "Eat dirt, clowny mastermind!" (SSJ Plush Adventure: Plan E-Vision!).

    Bad Qualities

    1. Much like his adoptive father and his canine deputy, he can be mischievous, sadistic, or inconsiderate at times. Especially if he doesn't get any new games yet making Junior act a little spoiled, especially in "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic Junior's Behavior!"; where he was at his most unlikeable, yet he got retribution over his bad behavior at the very least.
      • He can be a bit of an extremist at times, regardless of whether it was hilarious or not. Where in the episode "SSL Movie: Bowser and Robotniks Plan!", he shoved The Sword of Life up Fartdog's butt for calling him "donkey"; which offended Junior due to Junior saying he's being called an "ass" or a "jackass".
    2. He started off as an inoffensive Jeffy wannabe in his introduction "SSL Movie: Sonic's Son!" and in the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: Questioned Junior"; and became a bit of an inoffensive knockoff of both; Jeffy and Bowser Junior as seen in early SSJ videos, however, he has a new characterization as a "lovable troublemaker" after this episode as seen in episodes like "SSJ Plush Adventure: What?! The Sewer?!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic Gets Blackmailed!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic Junior's 11th Birthday!!", "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Challenge!" and "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Pests from Eggman's West!". As well as slowly becoming less of a troublemaker and more of a likable thrill-seeker as of 2019.
    3. He has 'damsel-in-distress'/vulnerable moments in videos before (or after) getting a superpowered badass streak in videos like "SSL Movie: Doctor Robotnik's Revenge!" and "SSJ Plush Adventure: Napped!".
      • He was too trusting and unsuspecting in "SSJ Plush Adventure: Questioned Junior!", where he listened to Plankton telling him to jump from a high place; which made him more of an inquisitive version of himself with a ridiculously low IQ of -100 and still having his random "smart and dumb" moments before Mario brought back Junior's video-game loving personality. Especially since he was a bit of a punching bag towards Bowser before Bowser gave him his 'humble pie.



    • Junior is one of the many major characters that are easily considered fan-favorites as shown here. Ranking in third place to be very much a beloved character among other contenders alongside Scoobo.
    • He is a youthful, cheerful, and playful 'game-obsessed son of Sonic' version of Classic Sonic.


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