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    "Snoopy’s whole personality is a little bittersweet. But he’s a very strong character. He can win or lose, be a disaster, a hero, or anything, and yet it all works out. I like the fact that when he’s in real trouble, he can retreat into a fantasy and thereby escape."
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dog
    Portrayed by: Bill Melendez (1965-2006, 2008, 2015)
    Robert Towers(1985)
    Cam Clarke(1988)
    Gerald Paradies(2002)
    Daniel Davies (2008)
    Andy Beall (2011)
    Daniel Thornton(2016)
    Dylan Jones(2018)
    Terry McGurrin (2019-present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Peanuts

    Snoopy is the pet dog of Charlie Brown, the best friend of Woodstock, and a main character in the Charlie Brown series and the Peanuts comic book strips.

    Why He Is This World's Most Hilarious Dog

    1. To start it all off, he's written very well as he is a comedic, funny, lovable, imaginative, yet good-natured, loyal and genuinely happy dog who is always there for his owner(s) and friends.
    2. He has a spectacular sense of humor and adventure whenever Charlie Brown and the neighborhood kids do something together.
    3. He's a good best friend and partner to Woodstock.
    4. His iconic happy dance and also his iconic pose where he lays on the roof of his doghouse.
    5. He, along with Scooby-Doo, is one of the most iconic animated cartoon dogs in television history.
    6. His design is very cute and another one of the most memorable things about him.
    7. The way he interferes and wants to have fun with all the other kids is a very funny recurring thing in the Peanuts series.
    8. He also has a nice sense of imagination as sometimes he pretends he's a pilot while on top of his doghouse.
    9. He shows how a speechless character can have a great personality.
    10. He is easily one of the best and most iconic parts in Peanuts history.

    The Only Intentional Bad Quality

    1. He can sometimes be a total jerk to his friends.


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