Sky (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, episodes 1-8)

Sky is a contestant in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, and this page will focus on the first 8 episodes only, where she was a decent character.

"The first eight episodes of Pahkitew Island were the best point. I wish the creators left it at that instead of having me go quickly downhill."
Gender: Female
Type: Athletic girl
Age: 16 (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Sarah Podemski
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Total Drama: Pahkitew Island
First appearance: So, Uh This Is My Team?
Last appearance: Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize

Why She Was Sportsmanlike

  1. For the first 8 episodes, she was one of the Pahkitew Island contestants that were actually likable.
  2. She did have a crush on Dave, but it didn’t stop her from getting in the way of the competition, as shown later in episode 8, when her team loyalty remains and chooses to help her new team.
  3. She's an excellent athletic, which definitely comes in handy during many of the challenges.
  4. She manages to stay calm when dealing with Beardo, Leonard, and Sugar, her worst teammates from her first team. She also managed to not lose her calmness when dealing with Topher, her worst teammate from her second team.
  5. She also gets along with some of her more better teammates, which are Dave (before and after he got flanderized), Ella, and Shawn from her first team, and Jasmine and Scarlett from her second team.
  6. She is likes to help people, like when she forages food with Dave for her team, and when she got a snake that bit Dave off of him in "Three Zones and a Baby".
  7. She's one of the good members of her respective teams:
    • In episode 1, she suggested to her team that they should build something for shelter, even if Leonard’s idea was stupid.
    • In episode 2, she got through the greasy log slide part of the challenge with her team’s pig.
    • In episode 4, during the Truth or Scare challenge, she drank a jug of mineral water with the help of Shawn which got her team a point. She then tried to kiss Dave to get her team another point. She then put braces on a beaver, which got her team another point.
    • In episode 5, she did get her team a dueling stick during the challenge.
    • In episode 6, she suggested to her team that they should bring the bear who ate the monkey who ate the coin to Chris.
    • In episode 8, she kept her new team’s babies safe, helped free Topher from a pasta trap, and throw a horn at Dave, altering Chef to his location and slowing down her former team.
  8. She's a great balancer, balancing 3 of her team’s babies during "Three Zones and a Baby".
  9. She has some funny moments, like when she burps due to being nervous, and when she slides to attack her enemy, only to just slide into the water.
  10. She was a good friend to to Shawn, Ella, Dave, Jasmine and Scarlett, and managed to get used to their weirdness and work together with them. She even manages to calm down Dave when he's freaking out, comfort Ella in her sadness even when Sky herself was happy when Ella told her that Dave loves her, and take’s Jasmine’s advice to help her team.
  11. Her character design is pretty cute.
  12. Sarah Podemski did a good job voicing her.

Unsportmanlike Qualities

  1. She was quickly flanderized during the rest of the season.
  2. While throwing a horn at Dave altered Chef to his location and slowed down her former team, it also made Dave feel betrayed right after he saved her from stepping on that horn. Not cool, Sky.


  • Sky is the shortest female contestant who debuted in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, and the second-shortest member of the third generation, only being taller than Max.
  • Sky is one of twelve contestants to switch teams, the others being Izzy, Katie, Sierra, Brick, Jo, Scott, Dakota, Duncan, Courtney, Cameron, and Max.
  • Sky is of Cree descent as proven in one of Fresh TV Twitter as well being hinted several times in the season:
    • She understands the Cree language and was able to correct Chef's mistakes for the translations for each team.
      • This makes her one of nine contestants who can speak more than one language, the others being Alejandro, Crimson, Ennui, Ezekiel, Noah, Jacques, Josee, and Harold.
  • Sky reveals in "I Love You, I Love You Knots" that she belches whenever she's nervous or when she is near a boy she has strong feelings for.


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