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    Skeeter Valentine
    "Way to go, man!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Cool Best Friend
    Age: 11-12
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Fred Newman
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Doug

    Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine is Doug's best friend in the series Doug. In the film "Doug's 1st Movie", he is the deuteragonist. In the Nickelodeon series, his skin is a dark blue, which is turned lighter in the Disney series. He is famous in both series for frequently making honking sounds. In both series, he is voiced by Fred Newman.


    Skeeter is what some may call a loveable fool who always has a cheery disposition and kind attitude. He is actually very eccentric and silly, doing humorous actions or saying nonsensical things.

    Skeeter knows all about The Beets and has tons of posters of them as well as Munroe Yoder's wig. Skeeter is aware of Doug's crush on Patti and helps him in his relationship with her. Skeeter's also a good beatboxer. Skeeter's iconic catchphrase is his "honk, honk!" sound which he uses whenever he talks to someone.

    Why He's Doug's Best Friend

    1. To start things off, Skeeter is a nice, friendly and cool kid.
    2. He is a very good best friend to Doug as he stands by his side and helps him out with whatever plan he comes up with.
    3. Like Doug, Skeeter is also creative as he came up with his superhero alter-ego Skeeter Surfer, which is a nice shout-out to Silver Surfer.
    4. He has some funny moments such as in the episode "Doug Can't Dance" where he tries to show Doug how to dance but ended up turning himself into a pretzel.
    5. He is also shown to be incredibly smart. In the episode "Doug's Brainy Buddy", it is revealed that he scored a perfect 1000 on a intelligence test, making him eligible enough to go to college.
    6. He also serves as a foil to Doug. While they both share similar traits, Skeeter however has much more self-confidence.
    7. He is also shown to be a chick magnet as he has many girls such as Loretta LaQuigley, Muffy Silverson and Beebe Bluff.
    8. When the show declined when it transitioned to Disney Channel, he never suffered from flanderization and still kept being the likable character that he is.
    9. Fred Newman did an excellent job voicing him.


    • In the episode "Doug's Comic Collaboration", Skeeter creates an alter-ego called the "Silver Skeeter" (a spoof of the Silver Surfer).
    • His favorite dessert is banana split cake.
    • One of Skeeter's favorite foods is beet salad.
    • According to the Cartoon Pizza website, he plays a blues kazoo.
    • His favorite color is red.
    • He is actually African-American.
    • He is one of many characters who don’t go by their full name, his full name being Mosquito.
    • Skeeter is right-handed, like Patti, Chalky, and Connie.
    • Skeeter's Zodiac sign is Pisces.
    • His favorite sport is skateboarding.


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