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    Sir Rothbart

    "No more mister nice guy! No Siree!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Power-Hungry Warlock
    Species: Human
    Great Animal (Transformed)
    Portrayed by: Jack Palance (The Swan Princess)
    Sean Wright (The Swan Princess 3-4)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: 'The Swan Princess'

    Sir Rothbart (also known as Lord Rothbart, the Great Animal, or just Rothbart for short) is the central antagonist of The Swan Princess franchise, serving as the main antagonist of the first and fourth films. He was an evil court warlock who serves as the archnemesis to Princess Odette and Prince Derek.

    Why He Is a Fun and Hammy Villain?

    1. He has a wonderful design as a villainous warlock.
    2. He's considered to be one of the most underrated Non Disney Villains to be created.
    3. He's portrayed as a sinister, yet hilarious warlock who will do anything to steal King William's kingdom by mastering a type of dark magic known as the Forbidden Arts.
    4. He may act calm to Odette, but it's only that he covers his true plans to either marry or kill her, so she won't stop back-talking to him.
    5. He has several comedic moments, such as the "No More Mister Nice Guy" sequence.
      • He also has his original deleted song that would have made more sense as it would remind the viewers that he happens to be King William's assassin.
    6. He has memorable quotes such as "Everything you own, everything you love will be mine!", "Once you spend your life fighting to keep it", and "No more mister nice guy. No siree!"
    7. Jack Palance does a show-stealing job as Rothbart, even Sean Wright does a decent job as well.
    8. Despite being flanderized, it's nice to see him again in the fourth film of the franchise.
    9. His design as the Great Animal is so detailed to look at.
    10. He is shown to be intelligent when he knew that Derek will do anything to foil his plan, only for Rothbart to make his plan to kill Odette, so she won't get in his way.
    11. He makes a perfect archnemesis to Derek and Odette

    "Boil Over" Qualities

    1. His successful assassination attempt on King William can be scary to some viewers.
    2. He betrayed Sir Clavius and Lady Zelda, showing that he only cared about himself.
    3. Him attempting to marry Odette can be creepy to some viewers.
    4. He was badly flanderized in the awful CGI Swan Princess Christmas film, where he was just a Generic Doomsday villain who wanted to remain alive and destroy Christmas.


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