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    Sir Ector
    "Well, bye jove!"
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Sebastian Cabot
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Sword in the Stone

    Sir Ector (Also known as Lord Ector or just Ector for short) is a supporting anti hero in The Sword in the Stone. As the lord of his castle, he is Arthur Pendragon's foster father and Sir Kay's father.

    Why He's a Comedic Knight

    1. Despite being strict and harsh with Arthur, Ector does care for Arthur, as proven when he scolds Sir Kay for letting Arthur going to the woods alone.
    2. Some Disney fans who are Harry Potter fans may view him as a character similar to Vernon Dursley, but even more funnier.
    3. He, alongside Merlin and Archimedes, is considered to be one of the comic reliefs in The Sword in the Stone.
    4. He is known for many famous quotes like "Gadzooks!", "Educated owl?",
    5. He is a good friend to Sir Pellinore.
    6. His scene in the kitchen is arguably one of the funniest slapstick moments in any Disney history.
    7. Sebastian Cabot does a spectacular job as Ector by making him a strict ,yet bumbling and funny, fellow.
    8. Him reinstating Arthur as squire is pretty good, as he noticed that Hobbs was too sick to attend and realize that Kay needs to have an another squire.
    9. Him apologizing to Arthur is quite good, which goes to show that he is known to apologize.
    10. He is featured in Disney Magic Kingdoms, which is nice for him to appear again.

    "Gadzooks" Qualities

    1. Even when he's a jolly character, he still has still several moments where he can be quite unlikable, especially when he is judgmental of Merlin and acted very strict and rude towards Arthur, though not as evil as Madam Mim. Thankfully, he redeemed himself at the end.
    2. Not counting his appearance in Disney Magic Kingdom, he never had any recurring appearances in other Disney media, even though his son, Sir Kay did appear in The House of Mouse, making him feel kind of a wasted potential.


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