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    Shulk is the main protagonist of the 2010 RPG game Xenoblade Chronicles. He is the leader of a group of Homs who thwarts to stop the invasion of the Mechon in his home, Colony 9.

    "You're not hurt, are you? The Monado can't cut people."
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18-19
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Adam Howden
    Status: Alive

    Why He Rocks

    1. Shulk is the only one who can wield the Monado with no problem, unlike Dunban and Reyn.
      • Because of this fact, he is referred to "The Heir of the Monado."
    2. He is shown to care for his friends, such as when Dunban was close to death from using the Monado too much.
    3. His ability to see visions (with the Monado of course) can come in handy when dealing with certain disasters, mostly during a Mechon attack.
    4. With the Monado, he can alter his abilities (such as Speed improving evasion of an ally or Shield completely protecting an ally.)
    5. Shulk was the one who found Fiora unconscious and he revived her with some water.
    6. As he studied the Monado for a while, he is pretty knowledgeable about it, like knowing that it can't cut humans.
    7. Adam Howden does an amazing job voicing him.
    8. When Shulk wished for 'a world with no gods', this returned his world to normal.
    9. He returned in Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed alongside Rex, and despite losing his right arm, he still has a lot of fight left in him.
      • He also has several touching father-son moments with his son Nikol.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Shulk appears to be oblivious to others' feelings. When Reyn accidentally slashes Fiora with the Monado, Shulk shows no concern for her, but a mere broken machine. Luckily, she calls him out on it, and he apologizes soon after.


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