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    Shelly Marsh (seasons 8-present)

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    Shelly Marsh
    "No juvenile hall turd is going to kill you. That's my job."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Reformed Abusive Older Sister
    Age: 13
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: April Stewart
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: South Park

    Shelly Marsh is a character in South Park. She is the older sister of Stan Marsh and the eldest daughter of Randy and Sharon Marsh. While she was hated in the first seven seasons, she received a massive character development and redeemed herself in seasons 8-present, which made her a better character than she was in the first seven seasons.

    Why She's No Longer a Turd Now

    1. She's got good character development and massively redeems herself in these seasons, going from an abusive older sister to a reformed abusive older sister who basically has a hilarious personality.
    2. She doesn't abuse her brother Stan as much in these seasons and she would occasionally treat her brother well.
    3. Like all South Park characters, her design is still cute as usual.
    4. April Stewart does a pretty decent job voicing her.
    5. Whenever she does something wrong, she would know when to learn from her mistakes when she needs to.
    6. She shares great chemistry with her mother Sharon since she seems to be more close to her. They're often seen together and they would often tell jokes to each other.
      • On top of that, she also loves and cares for her grandpa Marvin Marsh very much.
    7. She's very likable and sympathetic in "Over Logging" where she was heartbroken over not being able to see Amir.
    8. In "Pre-School", she was willing to help the boys out and protect them from Trent Boyett if they apologize to Miss Claridge. She also disapproves of Trent attacking her own brother.
    9. She and Stan have an awesome and cute sibling bond in these seasons since Shelly has shown some compassion for her brother and would often stand up for him when she needs to, which also proves that Shelly loves and cares for her brother Stan very much.
    10. While she's still aggressive and spoiled at times, it's to a lesser extent and is more understandable.
    11. Even when Shelly does something wrong and gets her comeuppances, she often learns from her mistakes when she needs to.
    12. In the Tegridy Farms saga, her hatred of marijuana is very hilarious and underrated.
    13. Her and Sharon's deaths in "South Park: Post Covid" was sad since that scene would make people sympathize for them. Thankfully, they were revived in "South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid" during the alternate future. When Stan hugs them both, Shelly playfully calls Stan a "turd" for old time's sake, which makes their sibling bond even cuter as adults.
    14. All in all, Shelly has become a much more lovable and relatable character, thanks to these qualities.
    15. While the late Mary Kay Bergman and Eliza J. Schneider did bad jobs at voicing her, April Stewart does good voicing her.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She was insufferable in the first seven seasons.
    2. In South Park: Post Covid, she and Sharon blamed Stan for their deaths, even though it was Randy's fault to begin with. To be fair, them blaming Stan can be excused since Shelly died from being burned and Sharon killed herself.


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