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    She-Ra (Netflix reboot)
    "For the Honor of Grayskull!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Alter-Ego Superheroine
    Age: 17-18 (season 1)

    20-21 (season 5)

    Species: First One
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

    Adora is the titular main protagonist of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the current She-Ra; guardian of Etheria, and co-leader of the Princess Alliance and The Rebellion.

    Why She's Our She-Ra

    1. She's one of the most courageous, strong-willed, and compassionate characters in the entire show, which she proves time and time again.
    2. Despite being highly well trained Horde soldier turned ancient warrior and rebellion fighter, she is also extremely awkward and clumsy, which comes of as adorable and hilarious.
    3. The starry background combined with the music and actual glowing imagery of the costume change itself makes her transformation sequence epic.
    4. After having grew up in the Fright Zone and knew nothing of the outside world except for the things that Shadow Weaver had taught her, she still had the courage to leave everything that she was familiar with behind in order to join the rebellion and learn more about herself, something characters like Catra and Scorpia only had the guts to do in later seasons.
    5. Whenever she's faced with a challenge, she never gives up. As shown in season 4, where she snaps out of Beast Island's mind-numbing spell (which destroys your mind with your own doubts and fears, then slowly consumes your body with vines) by sheer willpower, and season 5, when she loses her ability to turn into She-Ra, but she continues to fight for the rebellion and is willing to face up against Horde Prime with no powers to save Catra.
    6. Her character design is incredible, and arguably better than her 1980s counterpart.
    7. When she left the Horde and Catra in the process, despite the unresolved conflict between each other, Adora never fully gave up on her, and when Catra saved Glimmer from Horde Prime, she realizes that there's still some good in her and Glimmer, Adora and Bow go back to rescue her and welcomed her to the Rebellion.
    8. As She-Ra, she's tough enough that the only things that reliably hurt her are the Horde's tanks' cannons. And even then, she takes multiple hits before going down. And even when she isn't transformed, she proves to have enough stamina to to get back up even after taking multiple hits, usually.
    9. Despite all Catra did to her, including driving her to tears, and tried to kill her and her friends, she was still wiling to give her a second chance and welcome her to the Rebellion.
    10. Along with her endurance, she's insanely strong. She can lift and throw Horde spider drones with one hand and smash through solid stone with ease. Adora herself is still ridiculously strong for Etherian standards, and she can easily break rocks with a kick as seen in "Huntara".
    11. While she's, without a doubt, one of the most kind-hearted and forgiving characters in the show, she still doesn't hold back against Catra when she tries to end Etheria using the Portal and blame everything on her. She still fights her, showing that just because she's known someone since childhood doesn't mean she won't draw the line when they try to hurt innocent people.
    12. The only people she doesn't care about are those who have proven themselves to be truly irredeemable like Horde Prime. She always tries to see the best in others and is willing to give them chances to reform, which ultimately helps Catra redeem herself and become her girlfriend.
    13. Despite how heroic and compassionate she is, she still has her flaws and imperfections, a stark contrast to her 1980s counterpart, who was portrayed as nearly absolutely perfect and flawless after leaving the Horde. This makes her more believable, and arguably better than her original counterpart.

    Bad Qualities

    1. While she wasn't aware of it, she spent most of her life as part of an evil oppressive intergalactic empire. But even then, she did redeem herself early in the series.
    2. When she feels responsible for someone, she feels the need to protect them, to the point that she starts to fence them in and deprive them of their own personal agency.
    3. In season 5, her guilt and desire to help push her into being reckless and nearly leads her to sacrifice herself because she's so focused on helping others that she's ignoring her own needs and wants.
    4. Her forgiving Catra so easily after all she's done (including emotionally manipulating Entrapta into join the Horde, and sending her to Beast Island so she can open the Portal and end the world, blackmailing Scorpia to keep her mouth shut, ruining Hordak and Entrapta's relationship with a lie, leaving Hordak to die after he justifiably attacks her upon learning the truth, betraying Etheria to Horde Prime after all that happened in season 4, and overall being simply horrible to everyone around her), while it can go to show how forgiving and compassionate she is, it can also be considered a half-baked redemption, letting Catra off the hook to easily for everything she did.
    5. Her design, while great, gained some controversy on the internet for being "too masculine".


    • Adora's astrological sign is Capricorn.
    • She Sleeps with a knife under her pillow.
    • She's the only character to appear in all the episodes of the series.
    • Adora is only one of two people on Etheria who are not from Etheria, along with Hordak.
    • She's is the second She-Ra to use the Sword of Protection, the first being Mara.


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