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    Shawn (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

    "Jasmine? Sweet! I’ll stick with her!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Skilled Zombie Fighter
    Age: 16 (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Zachary Bennett
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Total Drama

    Jasmine: Shawn!
    Shawn: I got this for you. I hope we could still- [gasps] Did I?
    Jasmine: You won!
    Shawn: No! We won! If you're still okay with splitting the money, then-
    [he and Jasmine kiss]

    - Shawn wins in his ending and keeps his promise to Jasmine.

    Shawn is a contestant and finalist in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, who was one of the likable characters in the season, being a skilled zombie fighter.

    Why He's an Excellent Zombie Fighter

    1. He's one of the Pahkitew Island contestants that were actually likable.
    2. He believes zombies are real, which is not only funny, but could also be true seeing that zombies have been used in animation before, and that also made him into a very skilled and smart survivalist, like how he camouflaged himself into the trees using mud and moss.
    3. Thanks to his survival skills, smart thinking and great combat, he is prepared for any situation besides the possible zombie attack, like when he destroyed an army of Chris robots, and when he destroyed a crocodile robot while being inside it.
    4. He's also very athletic thanks to his survival skills, being able to move through moving security beams with ease, as well as get through most challenges using his great movements alone.
    5. He didn't get too annoyed with his more unlikable teammates, which were Beardo, Leonard, and Sugar.
    6. He got along with his more better teammates which were Dave (before and after he was flanderized), Ella, Sky (before the swap), and Max (after the swap), and managed to be a good friend to all of them, as he got used to their weirdness and work together with them.
    7. He likes to help in anyway he can to others, like how he always picks fruit for his team, and how he saved Jasmine a few times.
    8. He's one of the good members of his team:
      • In episode 1, he helped the team build their possible shelter, even if it was Leonard’s stupid idea.
      • In episode 2, Shawn carries his team’s pig to the zip line, but the pig slides on the zip line on its own as Shawn accidentally falls off the cliff into the water. Thankfully, the pig managed to slide all the way to the finish to meet Sugar for the next part of the challenge.
      • In episode 3, he hit both Scarlett and Max during the doom balloon challenge. In the end, he was the one that ultimately won it for his team, as he was the only one to never get hit during the challenge.
      • In episode 4, he did try to get his team a point by doing a gross challenge in the Truth or Scare challenge, although he didn’t quite follow the instructions correctly.
      • In episode 5, he did get his team 2 dueling sticks during the challenge, although he was thinking there were zombies, it was thanks to Dave’s lie that he was able to do it. But it was also where he made his mistake of knocking Jasmine into the water, even though she was on the other team.
      • In episode 8, he kept the team’s baby safe, easily got past the dangers, helped his teammates out, and managed to win in the end with his team.
    9. He was one of the likable players to make it to the merge and stay a good character (unlike Dave and Sky who both got flanderized).
    10. He still stayed pretty strong after the merge:
      • In episode 9, he stayed strong during hide and go seek, and he finally made up for his mistake to Jasmine by sacrificing himself for her, which kept her safe from elimination.
      • In episode 10, he teamed up with Jasmine to get to the control room, and they had each other’s backs. He then saved her and the others from Chris robots and a robot bear, impressing Jasmine in the process. Later on, they teamed up with the others to take Scarlett down.
      • In episode 11, he teams up with Jasmine again, save her again, and managed to get far in the challenge, he even exploded a crocodile robot while inside of it. He managed to win the challenge in the end. He waved farewell to Jasmine as she was eliminated, and he carried on without her.
      • In episode 12, he placed 2nd during Sky’s hurdles race and his tree hopping challenges. Then, he won Sugar’s Talent Show challenge with his little gross but hilariously funny and good "Armpit Serenade", which placed him in the finale.
      • In episode 13, he’s a finalist, and he played strong, before and after Jasmine saw his confessionals. Even then, he thought about splitting the money with her after all, seeing that Jasmine did the hard stuff while helping him. He’s definitely the likable finalist compared to the flanderized bratty Sky.
    11. His crush on Jasmine is cute at times, the first 5 episodes in particular show his care for her, like when he made sure she was not eliminated in "A Blast from the Past".
    12. Even after his mistake, he still cared about Jasmine and tried his best to make up with her, while also not letting it get in the way of his team.
    13. He eventually redeemed himself for his mistake as he saved her from being tagged in "Hurl and Go Seek", gaining her trust again.
    14. He and Jasmine have a good relationship, having some cute moments, as well as good trust within each other, with her trusting him with their plan to split the million, even after she got eliminated. He even went on for her, even when he's saddened she wasn't with him anymore.
    15. He was very happy that she came back to be his helper in "Lies, Cries and One Big Prize", and he managed to get far with her help.
    16. While he did plan on using the money for a zombie proof bunker at first, he slowly changed his mind as Jasmine did the hard work for him while she was his helper. Then he got through the rest of the finale trying to win to make up for her, even facing near death to redeem himself. Even when it was at the moment he would lose, he took it well and was happy that Jasmine would get her dream after all, unlike the bratty Sky who reacted negatively to it.
    17. In the end, Jasmine does forgive him after he didn't initially accept her dreams, and their relationship is restored as she happily kisses him, much to his happiness.
    18. In terms of who wants to be the winner, Shawn vs. Sky, while the finale itself it's a bad finale, the version where Shawn wins is the better of the two, since Sky was flanderized from a friendly athletic girl to an overcompetitive selfish hypocrite and a childish temper tantrum brat who does anything to win and does not take losing kindly. Shawn on the other hand, stayed a good character, growing from a shy but kind and friendly zombie fighter into a brave, courageous man who always does anything to help his friends and his girlfriend, learns from his mistakes, and is willing to happily handle defeat with grace. Not to mention, during the version where he wins in his ending, he also keeps his promise to his loving girlfriend, saying that they won, and will split the million with her after all, which shows he's also grown to be very generous. And that's a big reason why Shawn’s ending is the best out of the two, and that an Incredible character winning over a flanderized Loathsome character is very satisfying to watch, giving Sky her just deserts, and having Shawn be the great and likable winner.
    19. His character design is pretty good.
    20. Zachary Bennett did a good job voicing him.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He has some gross out moments (definitely not as much as Sugar though), like when he shoots a snot rocket onto Dave and the rest of his teammates in "I Love You, I Love You Knots", and when he used the grossness of the island to disguise his scent from "zombies" in "A Blast from the Past".
    2. He did make some mistakes in his relationship with Jasmine, like when he knocked her off the dock in "A Blast from the Past", losing her trust, and when he was going to break her promise on splitting the million with her. Luckily, he learned from his mistakes as Jasmine forgives him twice after he makes up for them and he became a better man and boyfriend.
    3. In the finale, while he and Dave don't really become enemies, just during the finale, their friendship was pretty much lost at that moment. But it was mostly Dave’s fault (this was after he was flanderized after all), since Dave was so focused on helping his now former crush, Sky, he didn't even care about Shawn’s safety or ask if he was okay.
    4. Depending on your view, him obsessing over zombies can be quite grating at times albeit funny.



    • In "Twinning Isn’t Everything", Shawn reveals that he used to work in a bakery, decorating cakes.
    • According to the staff, Shawn is homeschooled and regularly drinks caffeine to stay alert.
    • Shawn's name is likely inspired by the main character of Shaun of the Dead, as they share a zombie-themed gimmick.
    • Throughout the season, Shawn cites rules on how to survive a zombie apocalypse from either Max Brooks' The Zombie Survival Guide or The Walking Dead, such as do not make loud noises, or hide from the undead by making oneself foul smelling in order to disguise as them.


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