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    "Ughh they can't tell me what I seen cause only, I know what I've seen." *eye twitching*
    Gender: Male
    Type: Eccentric Poacher
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Gary Sinise (Open Season)
    Trevor Devall (Scared Silly)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Open Season

    "🎵You could say I'm in love! You could say I'm insane! But no one understands me like my darlin' Lorraine!🎵 (Imitates electric guitar riffs) Ha ha!" - Shaw's memorable opening upon seeing him for the first time in "Open Season".

    Shaw is the main antagonist of the Open Season franchise, and a recurring villain in Open Season: Scared Silly. He is also the unseen overarching antagonist of Open Season 2 and Open Season 3.

    In the first film, he was voiced by Gary Sinise. In Open Season: Scared Silly, he was voiced by Trevor Devall.


    He is a sinister and barbaric hunter who enjoys hunting animals in the forested area where he lives even when the hunting season has not yet started. He is Boog and Elliot's arch-nemesis, as well as Beth's arch-rival. Though paranoia and a series of events involving Boog and Elliot, later make him think he's the last defense against an animal uprising with a conspiracy theory.

    The other citizens of Timberline seem to unanimously agree that living alone in the deep forest in a dilapidated old cabin and revolving his entire life and personality around hunting hasn't done Shaw's mental health any favors.

    Why He's Shaw

    1. He's one of the most memorable villains in animated Sony Pictures Animation films of all time. Yes, he's a Western hunter down to having the accent and theme song enforcing this, he is not without an understandable motive for the way he is towards the animals, as he's a very entertaining character whose sympathetic backstory against the animals who is the only hunter that everyone considers him to be a joke, makes you kinda root for him in a way, especially with his petty rivalry against Beth and the animals is what made Shaw become the homicidal poacher that he is today.
    2. Unlike many typical poachers of fiction, who are completely speciesist and shamelessly disrespect animals as lesser than them for the sake of it; Shaw is not only motivated by maintaining dominance over wild animals but also deeply by the fear of them becoming superior to humans.
      • The first time he saw Boog save Elliot and Elliot walking on his hind legs drinking coffee in the first movie, he didn't ignore it whatsoever and was the only person in the town who recognized and understood what was really going on despite the public viewing him as some recklessly crazy and sadistic hunter. He may have always loved hunting animals, but now he sees it as some sacred duty to preserve the "natural order" from going in reverse.
      • This gets explored throughout the first film, as he eventually met up with Mr. Weenie's owners and tells them how Shaw foresees a dark future for letting the animals become tyrannical enough to abuse their power over humans, and Shaw shows true dedication to keeping the natural order safe even though most people think less of him or seem to misunderstand where he is coming from.
    3. His design is great and diverse, which fits his silly personality traits while also capturing the cruder side of his character, and he's the most expressive human throughout the film.
    4. He's a great example of a character you "Love To Hate".
      • His cruel and twisted sense of humor, as well as his unapologetically evil personality, makes him enjoyably wicked and vile, and simply entertaining to watch. From making humorous death threats towards the animals to making humorous jokes towards Beth at her expense, all with much girth and jovial spirit that makes you easily laugh, which usually offsets his threatening actions and vice-versa. Especially since his varied, humorous dialog/sass and his sense of humor are very comical, his sense of humor is arguably considered funnier than Beth's predictable animal-filled jokes.
      • He goes from behaving like a goofy jokester who keeps animals strapped to the car and gets frantic over the animals doing stuff that humans would do, to being determined enough to attempt shooting the animals at any place and any time, in public and even in the rivers. He's very persistent.
    5. Many of his malicious interactions with the anthropomorphic animals, whenever they encounter him like Boog and Elliot themselves, are always fun and hilarious to watch.
    6. Despite being sadistic, intimidating, and a poacher, he is kind and friendly to people (especially in Open Season: Scared Silly) in contrast to his personal vendetta and dominant urge towards the animals, and his jokey moments in the first film.
      • He also takes great care of his sniper gun, which he refers to as Lorraine, and also imagines it being an awesome-sounding electric guitar to play in pure joy, which makes him unique from other poachers in general.
    7. Even though he may seem fairly immature, paranoid, goofy, a little childish & flamboyant, and over-the-top hammy, he is also very much a dangerous threat that makes the animals understandably fear him and taken seriously as a threat to be reckoned with.
      • Especially the moment he fights Boog in front of the wilderness after the other hunters get humiliated by Boog and his friends. Shaw shows great hand-to-hand combat skills, sharpshooting skills, and sword fighting.
      • As of "Scared Silly", he becomes much more violent towards Boog when he messed with his gun.
    8. Shaw often comes up with individualistic and lethal, yet reasonable solutions and tactics to problems he encounters. Sure he may seem crazy and irreverent at first glance, but it's rather unique in a humorous way to see how he figures out how he'll defeat the animals from spreading their chaos onto other hunters.
    9. He turned out to be one of the most iconic characters from Open Season. Especially since he was one of the many reasons that viewers enjoyed watching the film and being beloved by them for being a cool villain with many threatening and comedic moments.
    10. His defeats are very well-deserved, as he nearly killed Boog, and both, he and Boog thought Shaw shot Elliot when the latter attempted to sacrifice himself for Boog, and Boog scaring the life out of him as well as trapping him with Shaw's limbs with his own gun which allowed Boog's friends to give him a beatdown, feels very satisfying to watch.
      • His defeats get even more brutal, as he got hit by a truck (luckily survives) and get tied to the top of the truck as he did to Elliot at the start of the first movie.
      • In "Scared Silly", those are his most brutal, as being punched by a bear led to Boog throwing a hornet's nest at him (something he's allergic to), and rubbing a Porcupine's back onto his face making him run in agony out of Dead Bear Gulch, and being gunned down by one of the police's tranquilizer dart guns.
    11. Gary Sinise and Trevor Devall, both did a great job voicing him and giving him an identical Western accent to fit his personality.
      • Trevor Devall even did a great job capturing the accent Gary Sinise applied to Shaw in the first film. Where Shaw in "Scared Silly" was also the only villain who never fell into Flanderization and was one of the most likable characters in the film.
    12. His signature, “Waah?”, is incredibly funny to hear.
    13. He also has many great quotes and one-liners that are hilarious and a joy to listen to:
      • “Looks like you're goin' from one grill, to another. (Laughs)”
      • “Oh! The girl scouts are here!”
      • “Listen, girl scout! They're dumb animals! I'm just respectin' the natural order: Man on top, animals on the bottom! But your bear-- now, now, your bear is special. He belongs somewhere in the middle. Between two slices of rye, smothered in gravy! (Hysterical laughter)”
      • “Put me down, for a box, of thin miss, will you sweetie? (Hysterical laughing)”
      • “But Gordy! (Almost losing his temper) Gord-- that bear leaned over and untied my buck! Didn't ya see that?!
      • “You? It walks... like a man!”
      • “Hold still, you two-legged, latte drinker!”
      • “Out of my way, move! SHOW'S over ya, four-legged, freaks of nature!!”
      • “Hope I'm not too late! Maybe not here all night. A bear, AND a deer working together! How far can this conspiracy go? What other animals are involved- God, Bless America! I hope the Bald Eagle hasn't turned! Naw, naw naw maybe they're right, Hehe, maybe, MAYBE old Shaw is crazy, maybe-”
      • “(Gasp) Dog worship!”
      • “You folks? -Getting you hostage, I know I know! You're safe now! I got the enemy neutral- OW! Ahow!!”
      • “(Groan) Don't be, fooled. He's one of them.
      • “The enemy! The bear! THAT deer! ALL THEM ANIMALS!! I, have seen the future. It will start in small towns like Timberline. Soon, it'll spread. They will invade, from burrows, to caves, petting zoos! If I don't stop them.. it'll BE A TOTAL REVERSAL!! Of the natural, order! They LAUGH, at old Shaw, but you'll see. The truth... will be revealed.”
      • “Homo say what? ... Huh? Bigfoo- (facepalm) Ugh! I didn't realize I was talkin' to a couple of wack jobs!”
      • “Don't trust, him. Pets are double agents. The moment you turn your back, he'll shiv ya!”
      • “Yo wahoo! Got 'em Lorraine!”
      • “It's like fishing, and hunting, at the same time!”
      • “Deers, ssskunks.. beavers, and, bears turned them all!”
      • “There you go Lorraine, here, when you get good and dry, till morning, we got a rebellion to crash... and then, I'll take back whats MINE!
      • “Somebody's been eatin' my candy.... Huh? Somebody's been sitting in my chair! ... ... (sniffing) SOMEBODY, FORGOT TO FLUSH! And he's still here.. Come back for your bear, goldie? Ready or not, here, I come!”
      • “(Imitates electric sounds) So you think you're, so tough huh? (imitates electric sounds) You know what I think? (Holds onto the toy Dinkleman) I think you're just a, mama bear!”
      • “Hehehehh, hello, Goldielocks! (cackling)”
      • “Alright come on! Mama's bear! You can do better than that! We'll see whatcha got!! Ahahaha, come on! Haaa!”
      • “Haha! All right, Lorraine. Let's kiss this bear good night, (cackles).”
      • “Well I've been up all of its puffs, here's nature in all its gory. Oops! I mean, glory. Trees, and, this thing.”
      • “Too long. Ever since they declared "Open Season" illegal, I had to find another use for my, unique talents. Good news is as a nature guide, I can still shoot whatever I see..... with a camera.”
      • “There's no werewolf down there! That's crazy talk! A rumor propagated by the animals, do distract us from their OVERALL plan for World Domination!!”
      • “Well let's get those sandals flip-flopping, if you're lucky we'll see a bird or something. If you're really lucky, it'll be DEAD.”
      • “Y'all know me. You know how I earn a living.”
      • “BEFORE that! I was a hunter! Best there I ever was. And now, there's something in the woods that needs hunting. Spotted in just outside a dead bear gulch. It was none other, than the wailing, Wampus, WERE-WOLF!!”
      • “I'll catch this beast for ya, but it ain't gonna be easy.”
      • “Oh I got evidence! Everyone in here, is in danger!”
      • “You, moron this isn't live size! This thing is HUGE! This, monster, has got fury in it's eye! And hunger in it's belly!”
      • “Thought you much not, sheriff. Which is why I drew a detailed sketch.”
      • “The WEREWOLF want's to destroy you! YOUR Family! YOUR way of life! You gotta let me go out there, in order to catch this thing!”
      • “Reopen, "Open Season"!”
      • “The werewolf's been eavesdropping! Sheriff, you know what you have to do! Better safe than, ripped to sorry shreds by a were-wolf.”
      • “Sure thing Sheriff! I will only shoot the werewolf. (To himself): And anything that gets me in between me and the werewolf, like saying a bear, or a deer. (Cackling)”
      • “Save your curtains, we're getting the band back, together!”
      • “Open Season, is open again. WE'VE got a monster to hunt. And whatever else gets in our way.”
      • “(Childishly): Stop and talk over this ya dirty animals, we just wanna be your friends!
      • “Well, if we can't bag a werewolf, a deer and a bear will do, just fine!!”
      • “Fine, abandon me, I got Lorraine, she's all I need.
      • “LORRAINE!! Now you've gone too far!! It's just you and me, bear. Mano 'O Bearo.”
      • “Come on Teddy Bear, free shot! Too fast for ya! Guess whooooo?? Come on, scaredy bear!”

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. His face, seen in a closeup, can be considered grotesque to some viewers.



    • Shaw likes to personify objects and give them names like his hunting gun which he named it “Lorraine” in the first Open Season movie and his seaplane “Jolene” in Open Season: Scared Silly.


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